Friday, September 30, 2005

Libra New Moon/ Solar Eclipse 10/3

Monday is the New Moon & with it comes a Solar Eclipse in Libra.

Close relationships and intimacy are going to be at the forefront for the next several weeks. Patience, understanding and compassion will be important during this time.

I'll post more on this shortly, but in the meantime, here is some info on the solar eclipse from Space


On October 3rd, the moon will glide in front of the sun, producing a solar eclipse visible across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The eclipse won't be total, but rather annular: at maximum eclipse, an intense "ring of fire" will encircle the moon. This happens when the moon is a bit too small to completely cover the sun. Visit for visibility maps, safe observing tips and photos of past annular eclipses.

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Are you grounded enough?

Do you have a hard time staying in your body?

Are you out of body and don't even know it?

Find out by taking this simple quiz at Holistic Healing

Are you adequately grounded?

There are Grounding Exercises/Resources too.

You can also revisit one of my articles:
Stay Connected- Get Grounded

Illuminations Network

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Speaking of Extreme Makeovers...

I just found out yesterday that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is right here in my home town doing a home makeover for a local family. In fact the family is kind of related... my stepdad's niece's brother-in-law. I know, sounds confusing. It's definitely a deserving family and they are building them a log cabin home this week. If you click on the link above there's a story about the family & the house coming down today.

It's wonderful to see all the local participation happening! They are tearing down the old house today as I write this. The family has been sent off to California and they'll be so excited to return.

It's funny too because I was in town and the Trading Spaces truck & trailer was right in front of me, turning into a local hotel when I received the call about Extreme Makeover: Home Edition being just a few town south. Weird coincidences! Lots of makeovers going on in Maine this week I guess!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Extreme Makeover: Web Edition

Check out the redesign I've just completed at Illuminations Website. It's got a new, softer look and some wonderful changes.
If you haven't been by in a while, please drop by for a visit. Then come back and let me know how if feels... and what you think!

Thanks & Many Blessings,

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Weeping Guitar brings tears...

A friend sent me this link with the phrase, " This is great!"

I listened with my eyes closed and the tears just rolled down my face...

How Happy are You?

Weighing Your Well-Being
Provided by UC Berkeley Wellness Letter

How happy are you? Lots of people -- economists, sociologists, politicians, scientists, and advertisers, among others -- wish they had some way to measure happiness, both public and private. Is it true that money won't buy happiness? Are executives happier than their employees, or is it the other way around? Does happiness go with good health?

The National Institute on Aging has funded a project that tried to devise a "National Well-Being Account" which would supplement the GNP, the great statistical machine that counts up goods and services. A group of researchers, whose findings have just been published in Science, came up with a tool called the DRM, or Day Reconstruction Method. They simply asked people to reconstruct in detail what they had done the previous day. The subjects were 909 working women in Texas with varying ethnic backgrounds, an average age of 38, and average household in-come of $54,700. (They had some reason to feel positive -- they had jobs, and they weren't poor, though not rich either.) The researchers did not ask the women general questions -- how happy they were, whether they loved their children or their jobs, or whether they were reaching their goals -- just what they had done the previous day and how they had felt while doing it.

What made them happy, hour by hour? At the top of the list were interactions with friends, relatives, and spouses (or significant others). Interactions with their kids came in fourth, and being with the boss was way down on the list. The activities that made them happiest included sex, relaxing with friends, watching TV, and praying or meditating. Cooking and housekeeping scored low, but not at the bottom. What could ruin their day? Poor sleep was a big culprit. And having to commute to work alone.

The researchers concluded that big measurements of health and wealth don't tell the whole story about how happy people are. Indeed, Americans may be battling something known as the "hedonic treadmill." That's a phenomenon observed in the developed world, and it means, roughly, that the more you have, the more you want, and that even a huge increase in income may not increase life satisfaction. Indeed, in the study of the Texas women, those at the high end of the income scale were not notably different, in well-being quotients, from those at the low end.

If there's a lesson here for anybody but social scientists, it may be that rather than concentrating on the big picture ("Am I healthy, wealthy, successful, good-looking?"), it may be helpful to look at yesterday, all by itself. Reconstruct what you did and how you felt about it. Try to analyze what you enjoyed. And didn't. You may discover that little things (such as not sleeping well, having a hard commute, or not liking your boss) may adversely affect your happiness more than you thought. And perhaps you can do something about one or more of these problems. Or you may discover that even if you have huge problems, you can still achieve happiness on a daily basis.

UC Berkeley Wellness Letter, March 2005
MSN Lifestyle


“ 25 Principles of Enlightened Business”

A while back, a group of us found a top 10 list and decided to enhance it... we came up with 15 more principles for enlightened business practices. Feel free to print it out and share it with others.

1. Enhance the well-being of others
2. Respect your financial commitments
3. Act with absolute equanimity
4. Convey true impressions
5. Bring people together
6. Speak professionally and respectfully
7. Speak about meaningful things
8. Find happiness in what you have
9. Celebrate others' achievements
10. See the hidden potential of all things
11. Focus on people, planet & profit
12. Reflect beauty
13. Lead by example
14. Expect perfection
15. Practice radical forgiveness
16. Give joyfully
17. Live with integrity
18. Assume that the client is already yours
19. Put enough value on yourself and your services
20. Treasure the quiet times
21. Don't compromise who you are for money
22. Tell the truth
23. Safeguard another's professional and personal well being
24. Respect the dignity of other peoples, places and cultures
25. Honor the evolutionary path of growth and potential for all beings

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Carnival of Healing # 9: The Power of Positive

Welcome to this week's edition of Carnival of Healing!

for an AUDIO Introduction: Click here to listen... (close the audio screen when finished).

As I was preparing my thoughts for this week’s Carnival, I found myself going from theme to theme, not really sure what I wanted to focus on. I thought about numerology, dreams and even multiple healing modalities, but none seemed to really fit the energies I was feeling about this week. Then, as I was roaming through various blogs I began to see a new theme emerging- The Power of Positive. It resonated with me and I ‘knew’ it was just right for this week.

I have put together a wonderful collection of blog entries dealing with various Positive thoughts, beliefs, prayers, approaches and methods of healing. Please spend a few moments visiting each site. There are some wonderful reminders and I have no doubt that you will feel “Powerfully Positive” when you’ve finished!

Affirmations are one tools that can be used to produce positive thoughts and results in our lives. The Success Consciousness Blog has some words about affirmations. “For affirmations to produce results, they should be repeated often, with attention, interest, desire, feeling and inner conviction.”

Something that I have always found to be an important aspect of being positive is practicing patience. The Digital Memoirs of an Old Soul addresses one of the most important forms of patience, Patience with Oneself.One powerful aspect of creating a positive life is the ability to live simply.

In the blog Living & Working on Purpose, Brad Swift specializes in working with Burned-out Baby Boomers. He offers 10 steps to simplifying life. Some of which include patience, persistence and mindlfullness.

And there are 9 Ways to Transform yourself from Mediocre to Magnificent at Advide to Help You. Author Susan Young talks about ways to adjust your attitude and refocus on the positive.

The Positive Life blog brings us an article to Create your own Confidence Bank Account. This is an interesting concept by life coach Allan Cowley who, in his article, discusses a technique for becoming more aware of the positive in yourself. Each time you achieve something that makes you feel conifdent, positive and good about yourself, you make a mental deposit in your confidence back account! What an ingenious new concept.

You can also use your ability to raise the power of positive in others. Curt Rosengren, a Passion Catalyst at The Occupational Adventure, says to make a positive impact with a voice of belief.

“I suspect that most every day each of us has the opportunity to add fuel to somebody's fire. Sometimes just a little bit of kindling, and sometimes fuel for a roaring blaze. Look around you. Who could you tell, "I believe in you?" Where are the opportunities to say, "That's an amazing idea - I'm really excited for you?"

Zavious offers the wonderful thought that positive karma requires positive investments.

"I believe. In love . In compassion. In myself. In life. And days I can not make it I try to at least fake it. And sometimes it works. Sometimes miracles happen. Small and large. It is official. The universe accepted my resignation and rehired me in a supervisory role."

A great example of positive is "Why I am a Goddess" by Life is a Banquet:

"Because I believe I am. Because I dance in my office when no one’s home. Because I’m going to paint my office pink. Because I’m getting better every day. Because I do yoga for how I feel, not how I look. Because I do yoga in the middle of nowhere on road trips. Because I’ve run through public sprinklers before. Because I chase waves.Because I love my job. Because I think I’d sell my law books before my copies of Auntie Mame and my Dr. Seuss books. Because truth or dare is my all time favorite game. Because I grow my own zucchini. Because I own a hammock. Because there is a hula hoop in my living room. Because I wear undies with girlpower messages. .."

Wouldn't it be great to sit down and journal all the reasons why you are the Power of Positive?

Sometimes we just need a simple reminder... The Power of Prayer. RoMay Allen of Mind Body Spirit Blog says,

"I have seen how prayer affects my own life and when I become to busy or caught up and forget to pray, I feel a huge difference in my day, my perspective, my sense of peace, and my attitudes. Prayer is powerful. Try it today!"

An in the end… a story with a positive ending… “Happy Birthday Bear”, from Simply Coll. What a cutie! Pets are always a reminder of the positive things in our lives!

Thank you for joining me for this week's edition of Carnival of Healing!

Next week the Carnival is traveling to Intuitive Living blog.

You can visit the Carnival of Healing Archives and even submit your blog for consideration in an upcoming issue.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature...

Remember that commercial from years ago? I think today it's better said, " It's not nice to mess with Mother Nature."

Mother Nature is speaking up once again with Hurricane Rita about to hit landfall tonight in Texas. The Gulf region that is littered with oil rigs that drain life blood from Mother Earth and ravage her layers of nourishing soil is about the feel the wrath of the Mother once again. Katrina has barely passed from our minds and hearts and the healing barely begun and already another swirl of chaos. Thankfully the region is preparing and hopefully has the help that New Orleans received only too late.

Our prayers are with the people in the area tonight as they wait for the wind gusts and the torrential rains. Rita has downgraded to a Category 3 at this time... but still we pray.

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It is Kindness, not anger, that leads to Happiness

"Happiness cannot come from hatred or anger. Nobody can say, "Today I am happy because this morning I was very angry." On the contrary, people feel uneasy and sad and say, "Today I am not happy because I lost my temper this morning." Through kindness, whether at our own level or at the national and international level, through mutual understanding and through mutual respect, we will get peace, we will get happiness, and we will get genuine satisfaction."

-His Holiness the Dalai Lama

From "The Pocket Dalai Lama," edited by Mary Craig, 2002.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Soulless Sensibility

From the best selling author of "Return to Love", Marianne Williamson, comes a beautifully written statement regarding the latest chaos to hit America... or should I say, the ongoing chaos in America. Although I don't venture much into politics, because that is not the nature of this site, I do however have a deep appreciation of Marianne Williamson, her clear vision and ability to express from a deep and profound center. I resonate with her urgency and ability to pull aside the veil and face truths that affect us all. Please take a moment to read this article. ~

People sense president's soulless sensibility
By Marianne Williamson

Something very important is happening here -- something more than simply a hurricane, or the suffering of thousands who were neglected by their government during a time of great need. Most worldly occurrences reflect deeper truths. What is happening is a gigantic reckoning, as Americans are forced to come to terms with how very, very naked is the emperor who we thought had such incredible clothes.

We are raised in the United States of America to believe our government is the strongest in the world, that as Americans we are basically protected, and that our country is basically good. It is cognitive dissonance for us to be confronted with evidence to the contrary, and yet such evidence has been piling up fast and furiously during this odd and potentially catastrophic phase of American history.

There is nothing strong about rushing into a unilateral war based on faulty intelligence, squandering the resources necessary with which to take care of your own people; there is nothing protective about a government that apparently didn't monitor events on the ground in New Orleans any better -- in fact, less well -- than the average viewer of CNN; and there is nothing good about taking care of the rich at the expense of the poor.

If it took a Category 5 hurricane and the huge suffering of thousands to bring those facts to light, then at least it can be said there is value in this horror. If enough Americans are beginning to wake up and face the awful fact that our country's basic functioning has become infected by a soulless sensibility, then perhaps the suffering on the Gulf Coast will not have been in vain.
Regarding the abysmal response of our government to the hurricane's aftermath, there is a lot of talk right now about accountability. Some argue we should have the discussion today, while others argue that that discussion should wait for a more propitious time.

But there is a danger in waiting, for a governmental status quo has talent for co-opting criticism as long as it can buy enough time. Passions cool; memories become revised and faded.
Six months after a disaster, the government appoints an independent commission to find out what really happened but by the time the commission releases its final report, there is never much sense that too many people are listening. The people are exhausted by then; they're trying their best to move on.

And the status quo knows this; that's part of its game. Do whatever you want; act horrified and remorseful for a minute whenever too much suffering results as a part of your actions; then put off the accountability conversation until people are too tired to care anymore.

This is not a new pattern in America. What might be new -- what I sense might be happening -- is that people are waking up to it now. And as soon as we wake up, then the pattern will end.
Abraham Lincoln said there is not too much evil any American government can perpetrate, as long as the people remain vigilant. He was referring to the fact that we have federal elections every two years, through which we can replace the entirety of the House of Representatives and one-third of the U.S. Senate.

The ultimate accountability conversation is written into the U.S. Constitution; it is called elections. At this particular juncture, that means the mid-term elections of 2006.
The president prides himself on running the government like a well-run business. That, of course, makes him the chief executive. And if the government failed, then he failed.
Fool us once, and maybe their tricks were dirty; fool us twice, maybe their public relations was too good; fool us now, and perhaps we just deserve to be fooled. From war to hurricanes, oh, America, the alarm bells of needless human suffering are going off everywhere.

A nation that refuses to wake up at this point is in a dangerous slumber. The nightmares are upon us now. They will remain until our eyes are opened and we have awakened to the truth.

Marianne Williamson is a best-selling spiritual author from Metro Detroit ( Send letters to The News at 615 W. Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48226 or (313) 222-6417 or

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Back to School Special

The leaves are starting to change here in New England and the kids have gone back to school... so you know what that means- time for yourself! Whoo Hoo!

To kick of the Autumn season, I'm offering an amazing sp*ecial to help do you just that-
to get back to yourself!

This special has 2 parts. You know I haven't offered a special since April 15th's Tax Day break out special months ago. In fact, this is the only big special of the year... so you might want to take advantage of it!

Intuitive Readings
I'm offering a 2 for $150 deal: Yup! 2 sessions for $150!

That brings the cost to just $75 per session (regularly $100)- a $50 saving. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has been wanting to schedule an intuitive reading.
* Special is for purchase of 2 sessions. Limit of 4 sessions in total.
All sessions must be used by December 1, 2005

Intuitive Counseling
PROCESS Work which is 4 session for $325.00 -- I'm adding a fr*ee 1 hour session!
So that means 5 sessions for $325.00 !

Even if you are already in process work, you may purchase additional blocks of 5 sessions at the special price. This is a great time to purchase sessions in reserve.
*** Limit 3 blocks of 5 sessions. Process work sessions must be used within 6 months.

This Back to School SPECIAL runs from
Sunday, Sept 18th through Tuesday, September 27th.

To take advantage of this special
please email :

Jodie Foster ~ Intuitive Counseling & Consulting

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Carnival of Healing #8: Infinity

Carnival of Healing #8 is posted online now at Spiral Visions. Keeping with the number 8 energy, Phylameana focuses on infinity.

" The symbol for infinity resembles an 8 on it's side. The numerology an 8 represents infinity, material prosperity, self power and abundance..."

Read the full Carnival

**I will be hosting next week's edition of the Carnival of Healing. If you would like to submit your blog for consideration, please email me.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Intuition and Your ‘Flow Quotient’

Decisions, decisions…everyday we make decisions. Some decisions are as simple as what to eat for dinner or when to go to the store. Others are as complex as which job candidate to hire, which company to retain services from, or where to invest for your retirement.

How do we make those decisions? What if all the facts weigh out or there are too many good options to choose from? How do you arrive at your decision? You do this by listening to your inner voice, your feelings, your gut instincts, that ‘knowing’ sensation that comes to you in the shower…these are all aspects of your Intuition.

If you listen to CEO’s from companies that have soared in their respective fields/markets, you’ll find one common thread- they all rely on their intuition to help them make key decisions.

Following a rigid, by-the-book approach to business or to life, doesn’t work all by itself. In fact, it rarely works when the decisions all come from a written manual or corporate headquarters and your unique circumstances or situations are not factored in.

Rigid decisions like this are missing what I call the ‘flow quotient’. They are forgetting that the best way to navigate the river and head out with the tide into the ocean is to ‘go with the flow,’ and we don’t have a written manual for our everyday life.

There is however, a natural energy that flows and circulates around us and through us. This energy is exchanged in relationships and in business. When the flow is blocked, or sectioned off with rigid structures and limitations, the flow itself becomes restricted.

In life there are times when the river widens and the flow increases and when the river narrows and the flow is restricted. Using your intuition to make decisions, insures that the river continues to flow, and you open to the natural flow, ‘knowing’ when to swim and when to paddle.
Using the ‘flow quotient’ to make good decisions opens you to all possibilities. Instead of making decisions according to your old ways and habits, opening to allow the flow can deliver new energies and new inspiration.

Your intuition is an energy within you that also flows. Just like the river, it has its own course. Opening yourself to listen, you will know that it always gears you in the right direction. It’s like the sailor in the crow’s nest on the ship. He sees far ahead and knows which direction the ship should steer in.

Opening to know that direction within yourself is a powerful tool to use in your life. Think of your intuition as your 1st mate up in the crow’s nest, seeing ahead of you and knowing which direction will serve you best. Take the time to quiet your mind, go within and listen to your ‘1st mate’. It will pay off more times than not, and fairly often, in a big way!

© 2005 Jodie Foster

Illuminations Network

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Ask the question & listen...

It’s been an incredibly chaotic few weeks and it’s time to find a sense of peace and calm once again. Now, returning to your center within, look for what has been put aside in the past few weeks.

  • What have you neglected or not had time for?
  • What is trying to get your attention?
  • Where do you notice it in your body?
  • How is your eating lately?
  • Are you drinking enough water?
  • Have you been ignoring your needs?
  • What are your priorities?
  • Have you had time to meditate lately?

If one or more of these questions captures your attention, is it because you haven’t stopped long enough to check in with yourself?

When we are emotionally bombarded or feeling an upheaval of some sort, we have a tendency to leap outside of our center. It’s more comfortable to energetically ‘vacate’ than to stay centered and feel all the feelings. If you are energetically sensitive, this is doubly apparent.

It’s important to remember your tools for getting grounded within your body and for staying centered. You can read the full article: Stay Connected… Get Grounded.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ask a Medical Intuitive column

Fellow intuitive, Christopher Stewart is the new, featured Medical Intuitive columnist at Holistic Healing In his weekly column entitled "Ask a Medical Intuitive", Christopher will be answering your questions regarding health and medical issues.

"Medical intuition may be used in combination with any system of healing. The energy that is healing in the universe does not flow through only one system of medicine or healing."

If you would like to receive this free guidance, please fill out the inquiry form.

Christopher Stewart, Medical Intutive - visit his website at:

Christopher is also the author of Intuitive Living blog


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

When the bad habit becomes a good one-- Yeah!

My daily iced coffee habit just turned a corner... a new study claims coffee high in anti-oxidants:

"Remember when coffee was the enemy? That was only about five or six years ago. Many of us looked down our noses at java addicts, clucking about the stress, high blood pressure and even heart disease that drinkers might be inflicting upon themselves.

How times have changed! Today we know that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of Type 2 diabetes, a disease that’s poised to be a huge health threat in the fattest of Western nations. Moreover, it’s the coffee drinkers who are most addicted to the brew that seem to reap the most benefit..."

Read the the full article: Kudos to Coffee by Willow Lawson, the news editor at Psychology Today.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

When power is false...

There lies an inherent value in our very essence or presence. Each one of us is unique and valuable. No matter what anyone has ever said, commented, or 'told' you about your value, or 'lack thereof', no one can ever take away your inherent value. All comments from others are simply opinions coming from their lack of self esteem.

When someone feels so badly about themselves that they feel the need to reach out and make another person feel small, it comes from lack within themselves. They are lacking esteem and a connection to their inner power. It is their own insecurities they are showing you clearly. It is visible in their anger, jealousy, envy and need to demean and dominate others. Somehow this makes them feel 'better than'. It only brings them a sense of false power. There is no truth behind it, or true sense of empowerment. Knowing this and seeing their remarks for what they are, can be truly empowering.

Remember this the next time someone speaks out in an attempt to gain false power over you. Know that you are the one that has the ability to discern where the remarks really come from. Allow the comments to wash right over you, recognize the offending person's insecurity and lack of esteem and their subsequent need to gain a false sense of power by making you feel 'less than'. Doing this enhances your sense of inner power and esteem.

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Article: Working with an Intuitive Counselor

Illuminations Network: Intuitive Counseling & Consulting

Relationships: Focus on the Positive

In her article, " How To Focus On The Positive Qualities Of Your Relationship", author Sonia Devine states that the "quality of your life has a strong connection with how healthy your relationship with other people is."

Read the full article.

Sonia Devine is a hypnotherapist and success coach in Melbourne, Australia. Visit her website: Manifest Your Success.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Katrina Virtual Prayer Service

Listen to sacred words of every faith and view unforgettable images of healing and survival at's multimedia prayer service.
This is a beautiful slideshow. Please take a moment to visit and feel the love, compassion & hope that is being expressed through these images and prayers. It touches everyone and every faith.


Carnival of Healing #7: Different Perspectives

Carnival of Healing #7 is now posted at Holistic ~ Here's a sneak preview...

"We all can get stuck in our personal points-of-view. Next time you're in a conversation with someone who opposes you on a subject you have strong convictions about don't feel as if you have to jump in and sell your side of it. Relax! Try to sit back and listen intently before sharing your opinions. Use it as an opportunity to review your thinking process. Your perspective might be overdue for some minor or major adjustments.

Many of us are still rebounding from the shock and turmoil of energies stirred up by Katrina. Seeing the devastation sure has put a whole new perspective on things that I would have called "annoyances" a couple of weeks ago. These things now seem barely important, much less annoying..." read the full Carnival of Healing

Last week's Carnival: Intuitive Living

Next week the Carnival visits: Spiral Visions

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Friday, September 09, 2005

What the Bleep... for September 11th

The following is from a friend with a request for Sept 11th. ~ Jodie

Have any of you seen "What the Bleep Do We Know"? One of the topics covered in this documentary-style movie is how the energy of our thoughts and intentions has an affect on all of us. In 2000, a man named Gary Schineller began a campaign he called "Hello, From my heart", and he decided to turn it into a yearly event. The information below describes this event; the web address is . I realize this is short notice, but I just learned about it today; it's possible to participate on a personal level, and I invite you to participate if you so choose." ~ a friend

Hello, From My Heart,

We have measurably proven that we can eliminate violent crime. This is your invitation to participate in a day that can and will change the World. Would you like to live in a happier, healthier, more peaceful community? If we choose to, we can. That’s right, it’s as simple as our choice. Will you demonstrate this as your choice?

Here’s all we have to do. On September 11th, greet everyone we meet with a smile and the words; “Hello, From My Heart.” When we answer the phone, smile and say; “Hello, From My Heart.” When we address an email do so the same way. It’s that simple, but it takes commitment. Will you be a hero? Or, will you wait until someone else says it to you first? It’s, once again, a matter of choice.

After September 11th we’ll contact the Sheriff’s Departments or other appropriate agencies and obtain crime call statistics for last year and this year and calculate your results. History tells us that the communities with the greatest amount of participation will demonstrate the greatest reduction in crime. Will your community totally eliminate violent crime? Results will be posted on this web site.

This year we are expanding our focus to increase participation from the 22 countries and 37 of the United States to a total global representation. It is our intent that crime statistics will be reported for all counties where we have participants. We invite you to make the choice. We invite you to be a hero and show the World what we can accomplish with a simple “Hello, From My Heart.”Can we change the World? Yes, we can.

Here are a few ways each of us can participate:
Before September 11:
1. Invite all your friends to participate: call them or send emails to everyone you know.
2. Invite your employer to participate. It’s also good for business. Many companies are answering their phones and greeting all their customers with a smile and a “Hello, From My Heart.”
3. If you are a member of a civic or other group, invite them to participate
4. Let us know what additional ideas you come up with.
5. Ask everyone to register at: Crime statistics will be reported for each county where we have registration.

On September 11:
1. Greet everyone you meet with a smile and the words: “Hello, From My Heart.”
2. Answer your telephone with a smile and the words: “Hello, From My Heart.”
3. Call and email your friends with this greeting.
4. Call your favorite local on-air radio personality and share our greeting with their audience.

All registering will be listed on a Who's Who Page of those who make a difference.

, ,

Back on track...time to get moving!

I've talked with several people over the course of the past two weeks, many overwhelmed and energetically scattered by the amount of trauma and chaos taking place nationwide.

But today, I noticed something new- a new energy. It's the energy of action and movement. Something saying , "Enough! Let's get back on track." It's a good feeling. Movement is powerful when we've been feeling stuck, stagnant or frozen in place. Just the simple thought or stimulation of energy that says, "Time to go," is something exciting.

So, needless to say it's been a busy day with lots of movement. It's time to get back on track and back to our personal paths. This does not mean stop helping those in need. It simply means get focused on your own life path and help where you can. When a tragedy strikes, our first reaction is to 'stop and help'. It's like driving by a car accident- you want to stop and help. The only problem when it's such a tremendous and ongoing tragedy as Katrina's impact, you cannot stay stopped forever. You need to find a point of movement, where you return to your life. You are still available for assistance, but you have begun to move again. Energy in motion stays in motion. Stagnant energy, stays stagnant. It's time to go. You aren't leaving anyone behind, you are actually stimulating even more motion to assist others.

I decided to get back on track myself tomorrow, spending time doing all the things I've put off for over a week. It will feel good to get my energies refocused. I'll let you know how it turns out!


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Taking it Step by Step

Combining Intuition, Spiritual Purpose and Creativity: Creating stepping stones as a meditative practice for your spiritual process.

Something I have always found helpful is taking affirmative action where the universe and my path in life are concerned. Many years ago when I first read Louise Hay’s, You Can Heal Your Life, one thing she said stuck in my mind; always put your order in to the Universe. How do you receive what you want if you never place your order? It’s like going to a restaurant. I found this concept very powerful at the time and continue to use it today.

One way I do that is by affirming to the Universe that I am taking steps to achieve my goals. I do this through the hands-on creative process of creating stepping stones. Not only have I been making these stones for several years, but I teach this process to others as well. It is a powerful spiritual exercise.

During this creative stepping stone process, you discover your inner path, uncover your spiritual nature and open to the Universe by setting your intentions to step forward. Taking a step, figuratively and literally, by creating the ‘stepping stone’ sends out a call to the Universe with an affirmation of your intention and desire. Each stone you create can be a symbol of that intention. Stepping forward opens up energy around you to help you achieve your goals. It’s always surprising to see what wonderful things start to happen after you create new stepping stones.

Stones can be decorated with symbols of your intention, words, colors, etc. This may include feathers, leaves, shells, stones or crystals. Each stepping stone is as unique as your individual path. No two stones are ever alike. It is a wonderful process of self discovery and creative expression.

What message or ‘order’ would you like to place with the Universe? Are you prepared to show the Universe you are ready to take the steps involved in having what you’re asking for? Think about it… then take the action. Go to a local hardware store or a Home Depot and buy masonry mix that only requires you to add water. I use plastic trays that go underneath flower pots as molds for stepping stones. Just follow directions for the mortar mix and use a trowel to smooth it into place. While the mix is still wet, decorate the stone with your intentions- I use a pencil to draw words and intentions on mine, sometimes Chinese symbols, maybe add crystals, etc. It’s all up to you! You are the creator of your stones, and the creator of your path- you determine what step you will take next. This is a wonderful action to empower yourself and to send a clear message to the Universe at the same time.

Let the stone dry for 24 hours in a warm place and then pop it out of the mold. The stepping stones can be displayed in your home, garden path, or flower bed upon completion.

Good luck with it and have fun!

© 2004 Jodie Foster

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Communicating from the Heart

Communicating from your heart rather than from your fears, or a need to control, opens the door for a spiritual partnership. Loving one another can sometimes fall by the wayside when one or both partners get caught in an emotional reaction or an old pattern response. The partner begins to relate from the 2nd and 3rd chakras in an attempt to control either sexually or through willpower. The heart chakra is bypassed, forgotten when power rules.

Being swept away in emotional responses, the partner (s) can lose sight of the basis of the loving relationship. Stopping, walking away from the conflict, and taking time alone to reconnect to their heart space allows the partner the ability to reassess the situation, finding their center once again and choose to flow their energies back up through their heart chakra.

In a spiritual relationship, this can involve searching within themselves for their involvement in the conflict. Is something out of balance? Are they reacting to an old pattern or an old memory? What trigger was pushed? Is it their issue, or their partners? And if it is their partners, what is it reflecting back to them?

The old saying goes, “It takes two to tango…”

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Katrina Survivor asks for a different sort of help...

The following letter is being passed from person to person, blog to blog, so that as many people read it as possible. There are many ways of adding to the healing process in this time of great need in the aftermath of Katrina. This one survivor has a story to share, but also a plee for us to do something different to help. Please take a moment to read it. And also, please copy and share with others. ~ Jodie

----A friend on mine who was missing in New Orleans has finally surfaced and sent his friends this note...I thought it should be shared.....much love...

Hello friends,

My famiy evacuated prior to the hurricane and is safe, Alex, my son, and I stayed to care for pets that owners could not or would not evacuate with them. The conditions have been primitive and challenging, then they turned very dangerous.

Alex and I stayed and cared for the animals (we could handle no water, electricity, & water in the steamy summer heat) until we felt our lives were at risk, and we were able to escape the city out the back door as security in the Big Easy deteriorated. Physically we are both in excellent shape as I prepared for the worst before the arrival of Katrina.

As far as emotionally, I have RARELY felt so peaceful, serene, and in in a place of unconditional love since the hurricane started bearing down on the city. A surreal sense of calm, oneness, and caring has overwhelmed me since this challenge has arrived in my small microcosm of the universe. I realize that this is a sign for me that I need to look at. My heart feels more open than it ever has!

This challenge is happening for a reason, and even though it may not be apparent at this point to most the world, I KNOW that the lessons that we are to learn from this very low vibration that has been and is continuing to be CREATED by OUR collective consciousness will help our evolution on this planet.

Don't only meditate and pray for peace in my home in New Orleans, but BE peace and love at every moment with everyone you encounter, be thankful for all of our blessings...especially the simple ones we take for granted. This is one way we can raise our vibration and that of our planet, and the ripple effects will reach New Orleans and the gulf coast.

If I can be in this placeof acceptance, love, and peace after losing my home, my businesses, and and a city that I love so dearly, so can overyone else. More than ever, this is what needed on our planet. Total acceptance. And the knowing that we have a responsability to change what doesn't work anymore, to change the things that were in place that WE created that led to the currunt unrest in New Orleans, long after Katrina was gone.

To me, THIS is the real issue we should be addressing. If we had not created a situation where almost one fourth of my city's residents live BELOW the poverty level, I know that the instability in the city would not exist in the aftermath of a storm that only lasted a matter of hours.

Until mankind addresses this deeper core issue, and until we correct this inequity worldwide, there will be many more "cries for help", however unacceptable, by the lower socio-economic groups of souls that WE have created, much like we are now seeing in New Orleans. I feel their pain, their fear, their feelings of loss and despair, and I understand their unconscious actions for basic survival. They are not crying out for just supplies, they are crying out for love and acceptance from mankind.

How shall we respond?

This is a another opportunity for mankind to demonstrate and express WHO WE REALLY ARE and to change what WE have created on this planet.

I am excited about this opportunity to accept what is, embrace it, and decide WHO AM I IN RELATION TO THIS?

Life is full of challenges, and the universe will never fail to give us opportunities to evolve. This is mine and I am blessed to have this spiritual slap on the side of my head. I will make the most of this opportunity. I hope that anyone who has been affected by the ongoing events in my beloved hometown does the same. The consciousness of our planet needs the compassionate, heartfelt love and light from all souls touched by the ongoing events.

Please stop for 5 minutes RIGHT NOW and close your eyes, breathe deeply, and passionately envision our leaders making choices and decisions that will be for the highest good for all involved on the gulf coast. We can let go and let God empower our leaders to hasten a rapid recovery of this devastated area and pray for a major healing. Nothing is more important at THIS moment RIGHT NOW.

Please forward this letter to as many people as you can, as time is critical! Take this challenge and use it to help us remember that we are all connected on a soul level, and that love, compassion, and understanding are the common threads that make human "kind".

Namaste' !

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Healing the Heart ~ a Carnival of Healing

This week's edition of the Carnival of Healing is posted at Intuitive Living blog. The theme is Healing the Heart in the aftermath of Katrina.

"In these last few days of media overwhelm on the flooding of New Orleans and other Gulf coast areas, so many of us are feeling loss, fear, grief, anger and resignation. Our emotional body goes to overwhelm, and often we just close up, burying ourselves in something mindless by turning off our feeling states.

With all of the messages of the media, it is important to realize that we can have a clearness of heart/mind, so that our actions are empowering for us, as well as others..."

Read the full edition of the Carnival.

Visit the Carnival of Healing Archives

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Get Grounded - Stay Connected

Stress, overwhelm and trauma can throw you off kilter, making you feel spacey, emotionally vacant and even sick to your stomach. With the tragedy happening in the Gulf Coast region right now, this is to be expected, even if you aren't physically in the area.

A powerful, daily practice is to visualize yourself being connected to the earth through ‘roots’ from the bottom of your feet. Being grounded, or connected strongly with the earth keeps your foundation solid. This focused grounding visualization keeps you planted within your body, helping you to process emotion with courage and stability.

Being ‘out of body’ adds to stress and confusion. It is a normal reaction when you experience pain and suffering. It can also be a common occurrence when you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed, or don't want to deal with certain emotional issues.

Focus your energies into your feet and down through roots into the ground; feel the stability and security of being solidly planted. Visualize your body as a tree that is planted in the ground, drawing nourishment from below, while your branches reach up to the sky drawing nourishment from above. This brings a feeling of connectedness, or oneness with all life. It's important to know that you are not alone during times of stress or crisis. Reach deep within yourself and connect, then reach outward and ask for help if needed. Get grounded and stay connected.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Virgo New Moon brings need for Self Care

The next New Moon forms on Saturday, September 3rd at 11:45 AM PDT at 11º Virgo. New Moons are optimal times to remember we're in the driver's seat and make some course corrections if we've veered off track. What would you like to increase in your life? What do you need to reduce or eliminate?

We're essentially living space age lives in caveman bodies, and as the evolutionary pace quickens, it's more important than ever to take good care of ourselves on all levels. Take some time to upgrade your exercise and diet regimen. Tackle cluttered areas and clear space for something new. Schedule in more more soul time.

Honoring the realities of the physical plane brings us to another important item on the Virgo agenda‹humility. True humility is not self-effacement or self-deprecation, but the absence of ego, the state of adaptability and openness. Planets traveling through Virgo show us that there is always more to learn; that perfection is an ongoing process, not a static state. Another key milestone on the Virgo journey is the development of discernment. Virgo analyses so that it can determine what is relevant for this time and place--what is essential and what is superfluous. As the capacity for discernment grows, we become more skilled helpers and healers, offering what is useful and not neglecting ourselves in the process. Virgo ultimately perfects the art of being fully present, of being grateful for each moment, each opportunity to serve.

This week packs an extra punch:

On August 31st, the Sun opposes Uranus (9º Virgo-Pisces), helping us move out of old ruts and onto new tracks. Think out of the box and trust your intuition.

Jupiter conjuncts Venus on Thursday, September 1st at 19º Libra, opening our eyes to new possibilities in partnership and inviting us to allow ourselves more peace and pleasure in general.

On September 2nd, Pluto at 22º Sagittarius turns direct, signaling the end of a major renovation phase, which began last spring when Pluto turned retrograde on March 26th. Pluto says: Take a giant step forward on your path.

Things go easier when we remember that: ³Everyday is a gift from God. What we do with it is our gift to God.²‹Mother Teresa.

Stephanie Austin

Stephanie Austin has been a professional astrologer since 1986. She holds a Master's degree in Consciousness Studies, teaches Archetypal Astrology at John F. Kennedy University, and specializes in life purpose readings. For more on her background and services, visit
Eco Astrology.

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