Monday, September 12, 2005

When power is false...

There lies an inherent value in our very essence or presence. Each one of us is unique and valuable. No matter what anyone has ever said, commented, or 'told' you about your value, or 'lack thereof', no one can ever take away your inherent value. All comments from others are simply opinions coming from their lack of self esteem.

When someone feels so badly about themselves that they feel the need to reach out and make another person feel small, it comes from lack within themselves. They are lacking esteem and a connection to their inner power. It is their own insecurities they are showing you clearly. It is visible in their anger, jealousy, envy and need to demean and dominate others. Somehow this makes them feel 'better than'. It only brings them a sense of false power. There is no truth behind it, or true sense of empowerment. Knowing this and seeing their remarks for what they are, can be truly empowering.

Remember this the next time someone speaks out in an attempt to gain false power over you. Know that you are the one that has the ability to discern where the remarks really come from. Allow the comments to wash right over you, recognize the offending person's insecurity and lack of esteem and their subsequent need to gain a false sense of power by making you feel 'less than'. Doing this enhances your sense of inner power and esteem.

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