Friday, September 09, 2005

What the Bleep... for September 11th

The following is from a friend with a request for Sept 11th. ~ Jodie

Have any of you seen "What the Bleep Do We Know"? One of the topics covered in this documentary-style movie is how the energy of our thoughts and intentions has an affect on all of us. In 2000, a man named Gary Schineller began a campaign he called "Hello, From my heart", and he decided to turn it into a yearly event. The information below describes this event; the web address is . I realize this is short notice, but I just learned about it today; it's possible to participate on a personal level, and I invite you to participate if you so choose." ~ a friend

Hello, From My Heart,

We have measurably proven that we can eliminate violent crime. This is your invitation to participate in a day that can and will change the World. Would you like to live in a happier, healthier, more peaceful community? If we choose to, we can. That’s right, it’s as simple as our choice. Will you demonstrate this as your choice?

Here’s all we have to do. On September 11th, greet everyone we meet with a smile and the words; “Hello, From My Heart.” When we answer the phone, smile and say; “Hello, From My Heart.” When we address an email do so the same way. It’s that simple, but it takes commitment. Will you be a hero? Or, will you wait until someone else says it to you first? It’s, once again, a matter of choice.

After September 11th we’ll contact the Sheriff’s Departments or other appropriate agencies and obtain crime call statistics for last year and this year and calculate your results. History tells us that the communities with the greatest amount of participation will demonstrate the greatest reduction in crime. Will your community totally eliminate violent crime? Results will be posted on this web site.

This year we are expanding our focus to increase participation from the 22 countries and 37 of the United States to a total global representation. It is our intent that crime statistics will be reported for all counties where we have participants. We invite you to make the choice. We invite you to be a hero and show the World what we can accomplish with a simple “Hello, From My Heart.”Can we change the World? Yes, we can.

Here are a few ways each of us can participate:
Before September 11:
1. Invite all your friends to participate: call them or send emails to everyone you know.
2. Invite your employer to participate. It’s also good for business. Many companies are answering their phones and greeting all their customers with a smile and a “Hello, From My Heart.”
3. If you are a member of a civic or other group, invite them to participate
4. Let us know what additional ideas you come up with.
5. Ask everyone to register at: Crime statistics will be reported for each county where we have registration.

On September 11:
1. Greet everyone you meet with a smile and the words: “Hello, From My Heart.”
2. Answer your telephone with a smile and the words: “Hello, From My Heart.”
3. Call and email your friends with this greeting.
4. Call your favorite local on-air radio personality and share our greeting with their audience.

All registering will be listed on a Who's Who Page of those who make a difference.

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