Friday, September 02, 2005

Get Grounded - Stay Connected

Stress, overwhelm and trauma can throw you off kilter, making you feel spacey, emotionally vacant and even sick to your stomach. With the tragedy happening in the Gulf Coast region right now, this is to be expected, even if you aren't physically in the area.

A powerful, daily practice is to visualize yourself being connected to the earth through ‘roots’ from the bottom of your feet. Being grounded, or connected strongly with the earth keeps your foundation solid. This focused grounding visualization keeps you planted within your body, helping you to process emotion with courage and stability.

Being ‘out of body’ adds to stress and confusion. It is a normal reaction when you experience pain and suffering. It can also be a common occurrence when you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed, or don't want to deal with certain emotional issues.

Focus your energies into your feet and down through roots into the ground; feel the stability and security of being solidly planted. Visualize your body as a tree that is planted in the ground, drawing nourishment from below, while your branches reach up to the sky drawing nourishment from above. This brings a feeling of connectedness, or oneness with all life. It's important to know that you are not alone during times of stress or crisis. Reach deep within yourself and connect, then reach outward and ask for help if needed. Get grounded and stay connected.

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