Saturday, September 24, 2005

Carnival of Healing # 9: The Power of Positive

Welcome to this week's edition of Carnival of Healing!

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As I was preparing my thoughts for this week’s Carnival, I found myself going from theme to theme, not really sure what I wanted to focus on. I thought about numerology, dreams and even multiple healing modalities, but none seemed to really fit the energies I was feeling about this week. Then, as I was roaming through various blogs I began to see a new theme emerging- The Power of Positive. It resonated with me and I ‘knew’ it was just right for this week.

I have put together a wonderful collection of blog entries dealing with various Positive thoughts, beliefs, prayers, approaches and methods of healing. Please spend a few moments visiting each site. There are some wonderful reminders and I have no doubt that you will feel “Powerfully Positive” when you’ve finished!

Affirmations are one tools that can be used to produce positive thoughts and results in our lives. The Success Consciousness Blog has some words about affirmations. “For affirmations to produce results, they should be repeated often, with attention, interest, desire, feeling and inner conviction.”

Something that I have always found to be an important aspect of being positive is practicing patience. The Digital Memoirs of an Old Soul addresses one of the most important forms of patience, Patience with Oneself.One powerful aspect of creating a positive life is the ability to live simply.

In the blog Living & Working on Purpose, Brad Swift specializes in working with Burned-out Baby Boomers. He offers 10 steps to simplifying life. Some of which include patience, persistence and mindlfullness.

And there are 9 Ways to Transform yourself from Mediocre to Magnificent at Advide to Help You. Author Susan Young talks about ways to adjust your attitude and refocus on the positive.

The Positive Life blog brings us an article to Create your own Confidence Bank Account. This is an interesting concept by life coach Allan Cowley who, in his article, discusses a technique for becoming more aware of the positive in yourself. Each time you achieve something that makes you feel conifdent, positive and good about yourself, you make a mental deposit in your confidence back account! What an ingenious new concept.

You can also use your ability to raise the power of positive in others. Curt Rosengren, a Passion Catalyst at The Occupational Adventure, says to make a positive impact with a voice of belief.

“I suspect that most every day each of us has the opportunity to add fuel to somebody's fire. Sometimes just a little bit of kindling, and sometimes fuel for a roaring blaze. Look around you. Who could you tell, "I believe in you?" Where are the opportunities to say, "That's an amazing idea - I'm really excited for you?"

Zavious offers the wonderful thought that positive karma requires positive investments.

"I believe. In love . In compassion. In myself. In life. And days I can not make it I try to at least fake it. And sometimes it works. Sometimes miracles happen. Small and large. It is official. The universe accepted my resignation and rehired me in a supervisory role."

A great example of positive is "Why I am a Goddess" by Life is a Banquet:

"Because I believe I am. Because I dance in my office when no one’s home. Because I’m going to paint my office pink. Because I’m getting better every day. Because I do yoga for how I feel, not how I look. Because I do yoga in the middle of nowhere on road trips. Because I’ve run through public sprinklers before. Because I chase waves.Because I love my job. Because I think I’d sell my law books before my copies of Auntie Mame and my Dr. Seuss books. Because truth or dare is my all time favorite game. Because I grow my own zucchini. Because I own a hammock. Because there is a hula hoop in my living room. Because I wear undies with girlpower messages. .."

Wouldn't it be great to sit down and journal all the reasons why you are the Power of Positive?

Sometimes we just need a simple reminder... The Power of Prayer. RoMay Allen of Mind Body Spirit Blog says,

"I have seen how prayer affects my own life and when I become to busy or caught up and forget to pray, I feel a huge difference in my day, my perspective, my sense of peace, and my attitudes. Prayer is powerful. Try it today!"

An in the end… a story with a positive ending… “Happy Birthday Bear”, from Simply Coll. What a cutie! Pets are always a reminder of the positive things in our lives!

Thank you for joining me for this week's edition of Carnival of Healing!

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