Tuesday, September 27, 2005

“ 25 Principles of Enlightened Business”

A while back, a group of us found a top 10 list and decided to enhance it... we came up with 15 more principles for enlightened business practices. Feel free to print it out and share it with others.

1. Enhance the well-being of others
2. Respect your financial commitments
3. Act with absolute equanimity
4. Convey true impressions
5. Bring people together
6. Speak professionally and respectfully
7. Speak about meaningful things
8. Find happiness in what you have
9. Celebrate others' achievements
10. See the hidden potential of all things
11. Focus on people, planet & profit
12. Reflect beauty
13. Lead by example
14. Expect perfection
15. Practice radical forgiveness
16. Give joyfully
17. Live with integrity
18. Assume that the client is already yours
19. Put enough value on yourself and your services
20. Treasure the quiet times
21. Don't compromise who you are for money
22. Tell the truth
23. Safeguard another's professional and personal well being
24. Respect the dignity of other peoples, places and cultures
25. Honor the evolutionary path of growth and potential for all beings

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