Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Beauty is Good for the Soul...

New Moon Thursday....

The new moon info is now posted at Intuitive Living blog:

"The next New Moon forms at 10ยบ Sagittarius on December 1st at 7:01 AM PST. The Sagittarian Archer aims for the heavens, for understanding the big picture; the Centaur seeks to reunite Heaven and Earth, man and nature, intellect and instinct. Following Scorpio, Sagittarius strives to rise above the deep waters of the unconscious and realize the meaning of life..."

Read the full article

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

5 Steps for Reducing Holiday Stress

You know what it is like to gather with the family and friends during the holidays. Sometimes these gatherings can be joyful, exciting and pleasant. Other times they can be filled with expectations, family obligations and stress. Add to that stress, the pressure of holiday baking, gift buying and wrapping, travel arrangements and decorating, and you have multiple layers of tension.

Here are 5 great steps you can easily do to reduce your stress during the holidays, saving hours of headaches, tense muscles and family tension:
  • Clean early. Schedule time ahead to get the house cleaned and organized. Prepare space for any company you may be hosting and organize your kitchen for baking.
  • Make lists. Take the time to write out a list for each family member and their role in the holiday plans. When everyone has their own clear list of tasks, tension is reduced. List the holiday shopping, the baking schedule, the calendar of events, etc. Pre-planning will save hours of stress and tension that happens when things sneak up on you.
  • Rest. Take little ‘time-outs’ for yourself during the day. If you have a hectic day of shopping planned, schedule break times for a cup of tea, a bite to eat and time to rest your feet. If you’re spending the day cleaning, baking or wrapping, plan 10 minute power naps in between. It will add to your productivity and you’ll feel more energized to complete the tasks more quickly.
  • Give and Receive. The holidays are about giving and you’ll spend time shopping and giving to others, but make sure you spend time receiving and accepting gifts, compliments, love, etc from others. Receiving replenishes your supply of energy. Always giving to others can leave you feeling empty and drained, therefore more susceptible to stress.
  • Eat healthy and exercise. Just because the holidays include sweet treats, it doesn’t mean you should fill up on them. Sugar increases your stress level. Your body needs a balanced diet of healthy food and regular exercise. If you find yourself drinking more caffeine, staying up late or spending too much time online shopping, then you’re not getting enough exercise or drinking enough water. Your body is feeling the tension and is responding with stress-oriented messages.

The one thing to remember is to focus on your goal of enjoying the holidays and allowing it to be a peaceful season filled with laughter and love. Remember to breathe, relax and loosen up. Let go of any expectations of a ‘perfect’ holiday. Going with the flow and ‘allowing’ spontaneity will lead to less stress and more joy. The holidays are a great opportunity to gather together and share. Just remember to share the good stuff- not the stress!

© 2005 Jodie Foster

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Friday, November 25, 2005

10 Easy Activities to Reduce Stress

Stress happens to all of us. It sneaks up when we least expect it, disguising itself as tense muscles, headaches, agitation and quick temperedness. The good news however, is that there are 10 easy activities that you can do that will reduce your stress. Make a mental note of these, or even list them on post-it notes to hang up in conspicuous place as reminders.

  1. Stop. Whatever activity you are engaged in, stop and quiet your mind.
  2. Breathe. Focus your attention on your breath, slowing it to a regular pattern.
  3. Allow. Allow your muscles a moment to relax as you focus on your breath. As you inhale, consciously breathe into the stress in the muscles and relaxing them as you exhale. Take deep breaths and release.
  4. Listen. Quiet your mind by listening to your breath as you inhale and exhale. Listen to your body telling you that stress is taking place.
  5. Rest. Give yourself permission to rest your body and your mind. Many times our stress is from mental fatigue, not just physical tiredness. Take a 10 minute power nap if you have the opportunity, or simply close your eyes and repeat the phrase over and over in your mind, “I am quiet, peaceful and relaxed. It is safe for me to rest now.”
  6. Exercise. Go for a walk, a jog or a swim. Exercising releases endorphins in your brain which will preoccupy your mind. This is a wonderful way to physically release built up tensions that have been held in your physical body.
  7. Be present in the now moment. When you recycle the same thoughts, keep a mental ‘to do’ list, or worry about something that is already over, then your mind is elsewhere. You are not fully present in the moment, and neither is your mind. Being focused elsewhere or living in the past and ruminating can be extremely tiring and stressful. Consistently recall yourself back to the present moment.
  8. Call a friend. Talking can be a great stress reliever. The simple action of being heard by someone who cares about you can make everything feel better. You’ve released the tension and you’ve been heard. You’ll find that your body automatically begins to relax and release the tensions. You may yawn often during the conversation. Yawning is a form of releasing physical tension as well as the body’s way of taking in more oxygen to nourish the tense muscles.
  9. Have a massage. Physical touch releases tensions and stress from the physical body as well as relaxing your thoughts and emotions. You may want to schedule ongoing massage therapy sessions as part of your regular routine. People that receive massage on a regular basis experience less stress because they aren’t storing the tensions for long periods of time without relief.
  10. Seek counseling. Asking for assistance, either through traditional or intuitive/spiritual counseling is not a signal of weakness. In fact it’s the opposite. It is a show of strength from within to ask for help. It reflects your willingness to deal with your stress and manage your life in a new, healthy way. A counselor can help you maintain a healthy balance during times of stress, extreme tension, difficulty or transition.

Above all, remember that you are doing your best to reduce the stress in your life. You have the inherent right to be happy, healthy and thriving. Stress does not need to be an assumed part of your lifestyle. You can choose to ignore stress and live with it, or to take action and do something about it. It’s up to you. Give yourself the gift of relaxation. You deserve it!

© 2005 Jodie Foster

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey, gratitude & family togetherness...

It's been a hectic week and there's lots going on... so I haven't been back to the blog for several days. I did want to take a quick moment tonight to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with lots of good times, joy and reflection. I am grateful for many things this year and all of you are on my list.

Many Blessings to you all and I'll be back to posting in a few days... Jodie


Sunday, November 20, 2005

Through the Looking Glass...

This week's Carnival of Healing was hosted by Phylameana at Spiral Visions. Celebrating her birthday the same day as the Carnival, she took the opportunity to look into the inner mirror, reflecting on her life in the past 12 months. Stepping through the looking glass she discusses aging, heading toward the 'Crone' years and thoughts beyond this physical life experience. This is a gathering of deep reflection and inspiration.

Visit the Carnival: Spiral Visions

p.s. Happy Birthday Phylamena!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'll take some Harmony please...

Harmony... what a concept, huh? You work so diligently to create harmony in your life and then when you get it- you don't know what it is and what to do with it, then you end up stirring up more chaos!

Sound familiar?

It may not if you haven't taken the time to recognize the pattern. You may just keep leaping from chaotic schedule to hectic family days, etc.

Do you allow a lull to happen? Maybe you're so tired when it happens that you keel over from fatigue and then go right back to being hectic again. Harmony can cause old fears to be triggered because the mind may not have a point of reference for it. Remember the blog post I wrote about a client saying she was feeling so peaceful that it was stressing her out?

If you are not accustomed to harmony, peace and calm, then your mind make create turmoil and chaos in order to feel more comfortable- sounds twisted- but then again, that's how our psyche can operate sometimes. It's best to reassure yourself that harmony, peace and calm, although not easily recognized, is actually a good thing. It is safe for you to rest and be at peace. You don't have to 'wait until the next shoe drops.' You don't have to 'brace yourself' for the next trauma. They may just be the old pattern.

If you had a hectic household growing up, then you may have these expectations built right into your psyche. It's learning to allow new experiences that becomes the challenge. Open your heart to something new. Let your mind know that you are safe. Use your affirmations... have a mantra like "My life is harmonious, happy and safe." Think about all the reassurance that you may need. Pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments and know that you are deserving of harmony and peacefulness. It's your birthright. You deserve it.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Accepting Success....

In one of my blog posts I wrote a while back, I commented on success and our ability to actually allow it into our lives. It is a subject wrought with many perils - fear, risk taking, trust, intention, strong mindset, and the ability to allow for the expansion that comes with success.

I have seen so many people get close to succeeding in their lives in the endeavors they embark upon, only to get close to the finish line and sabotage themself. Last night I was watching an episode of the Biggest Loser on TV- not one of the best shows out there, but it is inspiring to see these folks work really hard to create transformation in their lives. Anyway, one of the gentlemen on the show had this consistent pattern and the personal trainer was talking about her observations of it. It made me think of several clients that have been face to face with this issue.

It can only be faced when you are prepared within to actually make the foundational changes needed to allow for expansion. Success is not about limitation- or about scarcity. It is about expansion, and unlimited receiving. It's about striving forward and thriving. There's a wonderful affirmation I use and recommend to others-

" I am happy, healthy and thriving."

It actually says everything that a well rounded, joyous life experience should involve. Use this affirmation daily- even better, get a notebook and write pages and pages of it every night before you go to bed. It will bring the thought into your subconscious mind during sleep for reprogramming of the thought pattern. It works!

You may want to reread my post on Tips for Using Affirmations.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Full Moon in Taurus on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Nov 15th, the full moon takes place in the sign of Taurus at 7:57pm EST. With all the astrological tensions happening right now, even some of the astrologers are suggesting to 'take up knitting, and just ride it out..."

Thankfully, I know how to knit and I have certainly been spending some of my time doing just that. The full moon may feel a bit more calming to my soul...

Here's an article by April Elliot Kent at BigSky Astrology:

The Tao of Taurus


Paying homage to the Sun...

Carnival of Healing #16 has been posted at This week's edition: 'Let There be Sunlight" is hosted by Phylameana and looks at the various healing aspects of the Sun along with such issues as SAD, Seasonal Affective Depression.

With the winter months looming, the Sun begins to play a powerful role in our warmth, our health and general well being. The sun has finally been bright in the sky here in the Maine for the past few days and it makes a huge difference in how I feel. I actually went to the health food store and purchased some full spectrum lightbulbs a few weeks ago during the long weeks of rain. These lightbulbs are said to help with SAD by nourishing our bodies with the full spectrum of light that we normally receive from the Sun.

Phylameana has gathered together a glorious collection of bloggers who have wonderful suggestions and viewpoints about the Sun and its healing effects, along with a 10 step illustration of the Sun Salutation exercise. Please take a moment to visit this week's Carnival.

Last week's Carnival of Healing: Spiritual Healing was posted at Intuitive Living.
Next week, the Carnival will be hosted by Phylameana on her personal blog, Spiral Visions.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Color & Our Emotions

Different colors affect us in certain ways. Think about the color of your home, your office, your bedroom, etc.

How do you feel in each room?

In what part of your body do you notice a sensation?

Can you change the color in the room to make it more comfortable for you?

Does the color respond to the use of the room?

Which of your chakras are stimulated in each room?

Make a map of each room in your house according to its use and color & see how it adds up for you.

There's a cool Color Therapy chart at that will help you. It gives a quick synopsis of each color. Click here to check it out!


Getting the most from an Intuitive Session...

A few days before an Intuitive Session with Jodie, write out for yourself, the areas/issues that you would like to work with. Make a list if that will help you.

  • Relax before your consultation. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be for Jodie to connect with your energies and bring through accurate information. Spending a few moments in meditation prior to the session.
  • Bring an open mind. At times information in a session, may not make immediate sense to you. This is one reason Jodie provides a tape that you can listen to later. (It's still wise to take notes, however, as tape quality cannot be guaranteed.)
  • Be patient. Although your questions may focus on a relationship, your energy field and your spirit guides may wish to first present information to you about your career, for example. While Jodie will not ignore your questions, they may be answered in a different order than you anticipate. Always remember that our subject matters are tied together by whatever core issue that is taking place at the time.
  • Be fair. Just as you wouldn't "test" your physician by wasting time asking him or her to tell you what symptoms you have (after all, you know what they are--that's why you went to the doctor in the first place!), it's unfair to expect a clairvoyant to tell you things you already know. While that may happen, it also may not. Being up front and specific about what is already happening and where you would like to go from there means you receive much more from the reading. Otherwise a lot of your paid time is wasted in hearing details you already know.
  • Be willing to be open to the gifts and grace of Spirit yourself. Often, a consultation with Jodie will open up your own intuitive faculties in the days and weeks following a consultation.
  • Be ready to expand your horizons! Remember, awareness is the most important tool.

* Developing clear communication with your inner guidance
* Developing spiritual and emotional intelligence
* Developing leadership
* Exploring decision-making
* Conflict facilitation and transformation, relationship dynamics
* Assistance in managing change in your life
* Empowerment
* Developing listening and communication skills
* Liberating creativity
* Building an environment of trust
* Practicing spirituality at work
* Examining karmic paths and connections

Learn more about Jodie and contact her to schedule an Intuitive Reading or Intuitive Counseling Session.

visit the website: Illuminations Network


What is an Intuitive Session?

Intuitive Sessions are a two way conversation that is relaxed and interactive. I ask that you come prepared with a list of questions and this helps you to stay focused in the consultation. Any information that your Guides would like to offer is delivered to you, as well as their openness to questions being asked.

During a session we look at different areas of your life or business in their present moment, and work with a variety of tools or techniques you can utilize after the session. Some people say they go away from a consultation with 'homework.' I firmly believe in tools and active participation in order to accomplish what you are looking to achieve.

If you're looking for a personally tailored program to:
  • awaken, heal and transform your body, mind and spirit
  • open your heart to relationships
  • explore your passion
  • find fulfillment in your life
  • develop your own intuition
  • enhance your career or expand your business

Intuitive Sessions get you to the very heart of the issue. It is a unique, powerful and experiential process involving continuity and consistency. I help you illuminate previously unseen aspects of behaviors and patterning that can then be embraced and transformed.

Jodie Foster, Intuitive

visit the website: Illuminations Network

If you would like to know more, or schedule a session: click to EMAIL


Just because...

Summer's over.. and Thanksgiving is right around the corner!
A friend sent this to me. I just couldn't resist sharing!

The Art of Surrender

I don't know about you, but I consistently find myself over-thinking things. Sometimes it happens to the point that I drive myself a little 'batty'. It's not something that I do consciously most of the time. It seems like a pattern I've always lived with.

Recently I made the intention to address this subject within myself. I sat down, quieted my mind and made the intention that I would begin to surrender the mental chatter. In the past, I used to believe that surrender meant failure. In my years of study since then I've come to realize that surrender is an act of courage, trust and faith. I've made friends with the concept of surrender, no longer thinking I would be admitting failure if I surrendered something.

I guess I hadn't really realized just how much my mental chatter was getting in the way when I was being creative. The chatter was beginning to be a real hindrance. I've noticed that I wasn't getting my work done. I was day dreaming in my mental chattering and spent too much time looking out the window. This was really getting to be a subject for me.

I finally quieted myself long enough and realized I was being attached to certain outcomes. The more I ran it around in my mind, the more I thought I was being in control of the situation. Unfortunately I was having just the opposite affect! I was interfering in the process of natural development and Divine Right Timing.

I decided I needed to change my ways.

Trying to control the outcome meant I wasn't trusting that it would all work out. I needed to surrender once again. It's a simple practice, but one that is challenging to achieve sometimes. I call it the Art of Surrender. It involves the complete letting go of the outcome to something you really want and have worked hard to achieve. Like others, when I work diligently at something I want to be assured of the outcome. I want to know I've produced something that will bring me the outcome I desire. However, that eliminated any sense of trust on my part.

What I got was a wake up call.

I was really driving myself nuts and it finally hit me- the Art of Surrender. Stop, listen and let go. Take a deep breath and walk away knowing that you've created something, now give it time to grow and blossom. The seed doesn't come to bear fruit until its ready and has had time to grow properly. Watching it and urging it will only hinder its growth.

Just step back and let go.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ahh, my coffee drinking IS a 'good thing'...

.... as Martha Stewart would say. I came across this article by Randy Wilson and I thought there was some interesting tidbits of information in it. It may also explain why so many of us like to have our morning coffee.... and I must say though, it's not the same unless I go out to get it in a large paper cup with a sippy lid. There something more social about it for me I guess.... Of course I have switched back to hot coffee for the cool weather. So long to iced coffee again until spring. "I'll miss you..."

Coffee and Depression: Coffee as an Anti-depressant?
by Randy Wilson

"When you grab that morning cup of java, you’re probably not thinking of it as an antidepressant. You’re just trying to get that morning pick me up to get your day going.

However, recent studies have shown that java really does function as an antidepressant, raising the spirits of people who regularly drink the stuff. It acts on the central nervous system and has mild antidepressant effects.

Coffee and depression studies have found that drinking coffee reduced the rate of suicide in the large demographic populations observed..." Read the Full Article

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

You can find more articles on coffee such as Starbucks Coffee Company, Coffee and Health and Coffee Colonics.

Article Source:

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Art & Music to stave off Dementia

Check out this article by Harvard Health Publications regarding mental health and dementia. They advocate music, art and creativity to keep the mind active.

The Art of Aging
By Harvard Health Publications

"Mental activity and creative pursuits may help stave off dementia and keep the mind clear.

Exercise the bod: We know that’s good for our physical health. In recent years, experiments in animals have found that exercise may also improve mental abilities, and some human studies have come to the same conclusion.

But the surest way to exercise the brain, is to challenge it to think. Considerable research has..." Read the Full Article

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Ever have one of those days?

When it feels foggy even when the sun is shining? Or that you just can't remember where you put your watch? Or you don't remember who you just talked to on the phone even though you just hung up?


We all have 'em.

They're what I call "funky weirdo" days. It's like you just aren't in your body, no matter how hard you try. You don't know what step to take next. It's like you are on another planet and the communication systems just aren't getting through to you...

Sound familiar?


It's one of those days when you're not grounded- you're working really hard out on another dimensional level someplace and it's taking up all your attention, so the part of you that's still here in this 3D time is pretty out of it. It's like being preoccupied to the extreme. The thing about working so hard out on another level, is that you can get very fatigued here in your physical body. Mentally, it's like you just can't handle one more thing and you just want to nap. It feels very draining.

The answer?

Hang in there... give yourself the time needed and be gentle with yourself. No matter how much is going on 'out there', you need to also be present to your NOW moment. Grounding exercises will help: wearing hematite stones, eating protein, hugging a tree, wearing red socks, a drop of peppermint oil in a glass of water, etc. The key is to remain with your body and be centered even in the midst of these energetic changes that are taking place.

Genereally when a 'funky weirdo' day or days are happening, it's because a tremendous energetic change is underway. You are releasing something in order to make way for the brand new. It's a positive thing, but can feel very tiring.

During such heavy astrological transits, it's not that unusual to be feeling sadness, extreme fatigue and having these 'funky weirdo' days. It's an opportunity to make tremendous leaps forward, even if you can't see where you are leaping to yet. Just know that you will make progress and you will feel better soon. Getting in touch with what is taking place inside you can actually make it a much smoother transition.

You may want to read my article: "Taking a Leap of Faith"

And remember.. things are changing, and it's a good thing.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Thinking of Names for Baby?

by Darlene Chadbourne, Numerologist

"Are you aware that planning your baby’s name according to numerological energies can prepare your baby for a successful life?

When you are pregnant you feel this new baby’s energy within you and as a part of you, but what will this soul’s energy be when it stands alone after the cord is cut? The new baby carries some of both parents’ energies and also needs to develop its own unique energy.

Choosing a name unique to your baby, combined with the time in which he/she is born, will enhance the supportive energies helping him/her to develop and move forward in a positive and self confident way..." Read the Full Article.

You can order a numerology report from Darlene by visiting her website: Native Paths

Check out Darlene's new blogs:
Baby Name Numerology & Native Paths Numerology

Over at the Native Paths Numerology blog, Darlene has a very intriguing look at "Scooter" Libby and his numerological 'timing' given his indictment over the CIA leak of Valerie Plame. The Bush administration definitely has a lot of 'heavy energies' happening this month. I don't think it's going to be a really pleasant time for George W... Read Darlene's post about Scooter... very interesting!

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Spiritual Healing: Carnival #15 online

Carnival of Healing #15: Spiritual Healing is now posted at Intuitive Living blog.

Christopher says, "Healing has always been a part of living. Since the Paleolithic era we have evidence of healing. The practice of spiritual healing, that is, 'healing that looks into the spiritual causes of illness or disease' was the earliest form of healing. Spiritual healing was part of all mystery schools and traditions in the ancient world. Temples of healing were active in Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, as well as Asia, and the Americas. .. Read the full Carnival.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Loneliness: Fight it or Express it?

What do you do when you feel lonely?

Do you reach out to others? Reach for your pet? Or go out to a public event?

Do you book your schedule so full that you don't have time to feel lonely at all? ever?

Everyone approaches it a little diffferently. Even when you are comfortable being alone, you still have times when you need to reach out. Call friends, invite them to go out. Call family members and decide to visit... there are any number of places you can go when you're feeling lonely.

But, what happens when you try to sit with the loneliness? I mean, really be at one with it and hear what that part of you has to say.. what feelings would it like to express? Sadness, perhaps?

What would happen if you let yourself feel the sadness?

Would it be so terrible to be sad and feel it. Would it be hard to accept loneliness? It's one of those feelings that you probably like to avoid- like going to the dentist. No one likes it, but it happens. Sadness is nothing to be afraid of. It makes you feel uncomfortable and like you want to run away. But, maybe.. just maybe, if you gave it a voice and an outlet to express the sadness and shed the tears.. maybe it wouldn't be so uncomfortable anymore. Maybe you'd actually feel lighter.... maybe give it a try. What's the worst that could happen? You might actually feel the feelings instead of run away from them. What a concept!

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"I'm feeling peaceful & it's stressing me out..."

That's what one client said to me this week. It sounds funny... but she continued on to say, "... because I've never felt peaceful before. I don't know what to do! How do I deal with this?"

It's true that people who have never experienced peacefulness in their lives before would feel unnerved by it. The first response it to create some sort of chaos, pressure and deadlines for themselves. It's an unconscious response to an unknown state. The mind has no pre-programmed response for the state of peacefulness, so it immediately can assume something must be wrong, or it will create something to 'be wrong' in order to feel more at ease with the circumstances.

It sounds a bit twisted doesn't it?

But for many who have always lived in a state of stress... the opposite experience of peace and calm can feel uncomfortable and disorienting. There's nothing for the mind to focus on, nothing to react to, no need to create adrenaline in your body... so suddenly it feels like you are searching for something to be wrong so you can feel comfortable in your stress once again.

Like I said.. kinda twisted.. but it's common. Coming to terms with inner peace may be harder than you think!

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Let it OUT......

Anger is Good For You
By Robin Lloyd
Special to LiveScience
posted: 03 November 2005 09:09 am ET

PITTSBURGH – "Anger is good for you, as long as you keep it below a boil, according to new psychology research based on face reading.

People who respond to stressful situations with short-term anger or indignation have a sense of control and optimism that lacks in those who respond with fear..." Read the Full Article.

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Stuck in a rut??? Find out-

Are you stuck in a rut? It happens to the best of us. I've been known to be in it too... I see my morning routine flash before my eyes....

I found this quiz on and thought I'd pass it along...

"Are You Stuck in a Rut?"
By Megan McMorris

"Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Yawn. Is your life becoming more than just a little predictable? While a healthy dose of routine is necessary -- after all, it's what gets you to work, the gym and your various appointments -- it's important to recognize the difference between maintaining a healthy routine and spiraling into a rut." Routines can start to get destructive when we don't see any other options and feel trapped," says Daphne Stevens, Ph.D., a psychologist in Macon, Georgia, and the author of "Watercolor Bedroom: Creating a Soulful Midlife." "That's when you increase your risk for depression, burn out or are just generally not having fun anymore. We all need a certain amount of mental stimulation to feel alive."

Take this quiz to pinpoint whether you're stuck in a rut -- and learn how to breathe some fresh air into your life..." click here to take the quiz.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Putting in your order... be concise.

This is one of my more favorite articles. I came across it in my bookmarks today and thought I'd share it with you. Please click on the link to read the full article. It's worth the read!

Sending Faxes to God, Inc.
by John L. Payne

" Our Dear Friend Bob electrocutes himself whilst blow drying his hair in the bathroom one evening and suddenly finds himself in heaven. He is somewhat bewildered, his last memory catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror with frizzy hair as he fell with a thud to the ground. Anyway, his wonderful guide Gloria comes to his aid and settles him in to his new situation. "So how do you think you did Bob?" asks Gloria.

"Well, very well I think. It's hard work down there. Work, trouble, toil, striving to create new situations, overcoming challenges, it's quite exhausting!" replied Bob with frustration in his voice.

"Oh?" replied Gloria. " It seems to me that you got everything you asked for."

"Everything I asked for! Have you gone completely mad? I hardly ever got what I wanted. As I said, a lot of toil and trouble, broken dreams, disappointments, just plain hard work."

Gloria placed her hand lovingly on Bob's knee and with a kind look gazed into his eyes and said "No Bob, really, you got everything you asked for. You see, the Universe is like God, Inc., and we have departments for everything. Order departments, dispatch, marketing, management, everything, and we're all working for you. Let me show you."...

Read the Full Article

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Intuitive Timing: Using the Monthly New Moon

"There is a tide in the affairs of men,
which taken at the flood leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
is bound in shallows and in miseries."
[William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar]

It has been said many times that timing is everything. However which timing to use can be so confusing. Many systems, many ideas, many concepts.

One basic, simple system that I have seen work thousands of times, is to use 2 parts of the lunar cycle.

The first is the period from the New Moon to the Full Moon, and the second is the period from the Full Moon to the New Moon.

The Waxing Phase:

The New Moon, which is the darkest phase of the Moon, is also the start of a two week period where the moon increases in light. New Moons are optimal times to set new intentions. One cycle is ending, while another cycle is beginning.

The New Moon is the first part of the lunar cycle. The New Moon is the part of the lunar cycle to focus within to create or “plant” your intention. This intention is your vision for what you want to create, grow and transform during this lunar cycle.

If you take this idea and apply it into your life, the waxing moon is the time to begin
to plant your new seeds. These are seeds of taking action that brings a new idea into physical reality, or that begins a new relationship, or just opening to yourself that you really want a change. The waxing moon is a time of action.

The New Moon is a powerful time to start new projects. It is the time to take action. First have a clear intention and take action from that intention.

The second part of this cycle is the period of time between the Full Moon and the New Moon- the Waning Phase.

The Waning Moon phase is when the Moon is decreasing in light. This is a time to complete and review. It is not a good time to begin a new project. This is due to the lessening of the energies of the lunar cycle. Projects that are started during a Waning Phase tend to be one’s that are not completed.

During the Waning Moon phase is a perfect time to give out and share the knowledge, insights and any profits from your actions. Clear your life of projects and business that has not been completed. Clear your working space, finish all the administrative work that you have been delaying until now. All of these actions will allow you to benefit from the next New Moon.

If the opportunity arises for a new project or you have a great new idea, it is best to just let it stay on the back burner until the next New Moon. The New Moon will usually provide a very changed perspective on ideas and projects.

The simplest way to understand both timing cycles is to use the New Moon to Full Moon time for action, and the Full Moon to New Moon time for reflection and planning the next action phase.

Most calendars have the New Moon and Full Moon dates listed on them. Try this timing in your business and personal life. It will attract great success to your work and personal life.

© 2005 Christopher Stewart
Reprinted with permission.
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