Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Getting the most from an Intuitive Session...

A few days before an Intuitive Session with Jodie, write out for yourself, the areas/issues that you would like to work with. Make a list if that will help you.

  • Relax before your consultation. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be for Jodie to connect with your energies and bring through accurate information. Spending a few moments in meditation prior to the session.
  • Bring an open mind. At times information in a session, may not make immediate sense to you. This is one reason Jodie provides a tape that you can listen to later. (It's still wise to take notes, however, as tape quality cannot be guaranteed.)
  • Be patient. Although your questions may focus on a relationship, your energy field and your spirit guides may wish to first present information to you about your career, for example. While Jodie will not ignore your questions, they may be answered in a different order than you anticipate. Always remember that our subject matters are tied together by whatever core issue that is taking place at the time.
  • Be fair. Just as you wouldn't "test" your physician by wasting time asking him or her to tell you what symptoms you have (after all, you know what they are--that's why you went to the doctor in the first place!), it's unfair to expect a clairvoyant to tell you things you already know. While that may happen, it also may not. Being up front and specific about what is already happening and where you would like to go from there means you receive much more from the reading. Otherwise a lot of your paid time is wasted in hearing details you already know.
  • Be willing to be open to the gifts and grace of Spirit yourself. Often, a consultation with Jodie will open up your own intuitive faculties in the days and weeks following a consultation.
  • Be ready to expand your horizons! Remember, awareness is the most important tool.

* Developing clear communication with your inner guidance
* Developing spiritual and emotional intelligence
* Developing leadership
* Exploring decision-making
* Conflict facilitation and transformation, relationship dynamics
* Assistance in managing change in your life
* Empowerment
* Developing listening and communication skills
* Liberating creativity
* Building an environment of trust
* Practicing spirituality at work
* Examining karmic paths and connections

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