Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Accepting Success....

In one of my blog posts I wrote a while back, I commented on success and our ability to actually allow it into our lives. It is a subject wrought with many perils - fear, risk taking, trust, intention, strong mindset, and the ability to allow for the expansion that comes with success.

I have seen so many people get close to succeeding in their lives in the endeavors they embark upon, only to get close to the finish line and sabotage themself. Last night I was watching an episode of the Biggest Loser on TV- not one of the best shows out there, but it is inspiring to see these folks work really hard to create transformation in their lives. Anyway, one of the gentlemen on the show had this consistent pattern and the personal trainer was talking about her observations of it. It made me think of several clients that have been face to face with this issue.

It can only be faced when you are prepared within to actually make the foundational changes needed to allow for expansion. Success is not about limitation- or about scarcity. It is about expansion, and unlimited receiving. It's about striving forward and thriving. There's a wonderful affirmation I use and recommend to others-

" I am happy, healthy and thriving."

It actually says everything that a well rounded, joyous life experience should involve. Use this affirmation daily- even better, get a notebook and write pages and pages of it every night before you go to bed. It will bring the thought into your subconscious mind during sleep for reprogramming of the thought pattern. It works!

You may want to reread my post on Tips for Using Affirmations.

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