Saturday, March 12, 2005

ARTICLE: Tips for Using Affirmations

One rule of thumb when working with your unconscious mind is that you must reprogram it with repetition. Everyone has a different comment on using repetition, but the one I agree with is that it takes constant repetition to change the unconscious mind. When I say constant, I mean 500 to 600 times repeated each day! I know that's a lot, but it works.

The way I suggest doing this is by getting a plain ruled spiral notebook just for your affirmations. Pick just one affirmation to focus on for a good solid week or more, before switching to another affirmation. It's best not to have several affirmations going at once. It's too confusing for reprogramming the unconscious mind. Stick with one- it works quickly.

So, take your notebook and start about a 1/2 hour before you go to bed. Write your affirmation again and again, like writing it 100 times on a chalkboard. This constant repetition with the action of hand writing instills new learning into the mind. Also, doing this just before bed gives your mind a particular phrase to focus on as you fall asleep. This is a wonderful way to reprogram quickly.

If there is a particular issue you are working on- one specific affirmation that you would like to achieve, then fill pages and pages with it. I have some notebooks full of only one affirmation. I can tell you it works great!

Another method that enhances the writing process uses sticky notes. Get a package of colored Post-It notes and write your affirmation on several pages, then go around your house posting them in obvious places, i.e. the bathroom mirror, the fridge, the bedside table, the computer monitor, etc. Then go out to your car and put one on the dash, post several at your desk at work, etc. These constant reminders help keep your affirmation in your mind all day long. This helps achieve the 500-600 times a day!

Some of my favorite affirmations: ( you are welcome to use them too!)
" Everything is ALWAYS provided for me with abundance."
" Joy flows in and out of my body with ease."
" I move forward easily and effortlessly , knowing life is an exciting adventure."
" I attract to me all that serves my highest good."

In conclusion, use only one affirmation at a time. For a wonderful book on affirmations use: Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life or You Can Heal Your Body. Both are available at or by clicking

Good luck with your affirmations! If you need assistance developing a good affirmation for yourself, please
email me or mention it in your next reading!