Thursday, March 17, 2005

Interesting article about Intuitive Readings

Hard work fuels cosmic connection

By DEBORAH SHOUSE Special to The Star

Henry Marquardt had experienced intuitive readings before, but never one so detailed. In November 1999, the 50-year-old, twice-divorced chiropractor from Jackson, Wyo., asked the clairvoyant about any potential relationships. She said, “I see a woman named Jennifer. She's 5 foot 7 with two children, twice divorced, active and is your metaphysical match.”
Months later, a woman named Maureen made a chiropractic appointment with Henry. Henry told her about his “undiscovered” soul mate.

“I think I know her,” Maureen said. “She lives in Overland Park, Kansas.”
Jennifer Dutton was an active 45-year-old, twice-divorced mother of two who was going to graduate school, studying psychology. One day she was leaving the grocery store when an old acquaintance called out her name.

"Maureen wants you to phone her,” this mutual friend said, beaming. “She met your soul mate.”
Jennifer laughed. She just wanted to make her current relationship work. But she called Maureen. Six weeks later, Jennifer ended her relationship. When Maureen found out, she said, “You are coming to visit.”

Jennifer agreed. “But I don't want to meet any man.”
Her first night in Jackson, Maureen took Jennifer out to dinner. Coming out of the restaurant, Maureen saw Henry emerging from the movie theater.
“Since we met so cosmically, why don't I take you to dinner tomorrow evening?” Henry asked Jennifer.

The next evening, they shared life stories and marveled at how much they had in common and how comfortable they were together.
“I felt a peace inside myself, for the first time in my life,” Henry said.
They spent much of the next five days together. Jennifer returned home and told a friend, “He's the one.”

Jennifer also remembered a reading she had had years ago, when the clairvoyant told her, “You will meet a chiropractor with the letters MAR in his name.” After the reading, Jennifer looked up chiropractors named Marty in the phone book but gave up on the idea.

Henry flew to Kansas to meet Jennifer's children, parents and girlfriends. Through telephone calls and visits, Jennifer and Henry grew closer and closer. On Jan. 4, 2002, the couple got married. Henry opened Integrative Chiropractic in Overland Park. Jennifer assists part time in the office.

For Henry and Jennifer, commitment and the power of love keep their “meant-to-be” relationship heart-filled and strong.