Saturday, March 19, 2005

Joy on the smiling faces...

Today, as I was out and about in town, I noticed something I haven't seen in ages... smiling faces! It was actual JOY! I was so excited.

This winter has been so over-filled with snow and has really been dragged on for too long. People have been very depressed and tired. Even the tv news anchors have looked ragged. But, finally this week we have had 40 degree weather and sunshine for 4 days so far! What a joyous change.

I think we sometimes forget that we are energetic beings and the earth is surrounded by electromagnetic energy as well. When the earth is going through changes, no matter the intensity- we feel it. It's something to remember when you notice fatigue that doesn't seem to have any particular source, or aches and pains in your joints when it rains, etc.

We are all affected by Mother Earth and her sporadic shifts in weather. We can easily get depressed and anxious when the sun hasn't been seen for weeks on end. Dealing with snow storms, streesful driving conditions and shoveling can do the same thing.

It was such a wonderful change of pace to feel like spring really is coming and the joy is apparant on every person's face today. Thank goodness the sun is shining and the snow is melting!

... unfortunately the mud comes next... but its WAY better than snow and ice....

SO, open your heart to joy and let it shine in the biggest smile you can fit on your face!