Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Spring Newsletter for Illuminations


Happy Spring! With all the ideas of spring cleaning running through my mind this past weekend, I thought it would be a perfect time to share an article on Clearing You Inner Landscape. I hope you find it useful.

Spring is the time to come out of hibernation and clear out your inner cobwebs. Spring fever is a good motivating factor to make plans for the upcoming months, set goals and begin a plan of action. What steps are you ready to take?

Mercury is in retrograde until April 13th. This is the time to take stock and then think about taking action. During a Mercury retrograde, explore what has been hampering your forward movement, get the clarity needed to analyze the situation, and begin sorting. Don't forget to ask for help if you have difficulty sorting!

Ask yourself these questions:

What has been holding you back?
What steps do you need to take?
Do I feel overwhelmed?
Am I taking any time for myself?
Is there a message that's been trying to get my attention?
Have I been isolated all winter?
Is my house cluttered?
Is my life cluttered?
Am I really communicating with my partner/spouse/significant other?
Am I desperate for warmer weather so the kids play outside?
Am I ready to get out of my old routine?
Am I ready to start exercising regularly?
Am I ready to take better care of myself?
Am I really happy?
Do I have passion in my life?
Am I really fulfilled with my path in life?
Am I living my dreams?
Am I open to receive?
Am I living in chaos?
AM I living in peace?
What am I really looking for in my life?
Is there something missing?
What am I looking for?
What do I need?
What do I desire?
Do I have desires?
Do I stop long enough to listen to myself?

After you have asked these questions, sit with a journal and begin to write your feelings and responses that you noticed as you were asking yourself the questions.

What was stimulated to your conscious awareness? What made you think? Did you get stuck on one question, or several? If this list has triggered something for you- that's wonderful! It's important to listen to your inner self and recognize what is really happening in your inner world.

If you have subjects that have surfaced and need assistance, please contact me for an intuitive session, I am happy to help.

In the meantime, please read the following article and don't forget to visit my blog because I update it one or twice a week with various writings and articles. I will also post this newsletter there for easy access. http://intuitiveinnovations.blogspot.com .

Please pass this newsletter on to any friends or family that you feel will benefit from the information and article. Also, let me know what type of subject you would like me to write future articles on. I am always open to suggestions. Please speak up! Let me know what you would like!

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Here's the article:

~ Clearing your Inner Landscape ~
Freeing Yourself from Emotional Deadwood

Do you suffer from emotional clutter? Is suffering even the right word? Maybe it is, maybe a better description is ‘living with’ emotional clutter. Emotional clutter is like an addiction. You carry your emotional baggage around thinking you can easily handle it, especially if you treat it like it doesn't exist. Eventually it reaches a point when you feel it’s out of control, or even worse, you are out of control.

Learning how to ‘let go’ is the cornerstone of cleaning emotional clutter. It can be one of the most empowering experiences of your life. As you let go, you free up space to expand, unleashing the reasons why you hold onto your feelings.

Emotional clutter is a form of interference. When a river is blocked with trees, logs, bushes, etc. the water doesn’t flow easily. The river begins to stagnate. So many people ask me why their lives are so difficult, why they always feel stuck. My answer is based on this same principle of the river being cluttered with debris.

Our emotional debris is like deadwood in the river. The more you remove and eliminate the deadwood, the better the flow. Generally we hold onto emotional clutter because there is... (continued)

To read the rest of the article- click this link:


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