Friday, November 04, 2005

"I'm feeling peaceful & it's stressing me out..."

That's what one client said to me this week. It sounds funny... but she continued on to say, "... because I've never felt peaceful before. I don't know what to do! How do I deal with this?"

It's true that people who have never experienced peacefulness in their lives before would feel unnerved by it. The first response it to create some sort of chaos, pressure and deadlines for themselves. It's an unconscious response to an unknown state. The mind has no pre-programmed response for the state of peacefulness, so it immediately can assume something must be wrong, or it will create something to 'be wrong' in order to feel more at ease with the circumstances.

It sounds a bit twisted doesn't it?

But for many who have always lived in a state of stress... the opposite experience of peace and calm can feel uncomfortable and disorienting. There's nothing for the mind to focus on, nothing to react to, no need to create adrenaline in your body... so suddenly it feels like you are searching for something to be wrong so you can feel comfortable in your stress once again.

Like I said.. kinda twisted.. but it's common. Coming to terms with inner peace may be harder than you think!

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