Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year goes out with a virtual party...

It's time to break out the bubbly.... Yeah!!!

A New Years Eve Carnival of Healing Party!

The last Carnival of Healing for 2005 is now posted at Spiral Visions, hosted by Phylamena. She has done the year 2005 in review, looking back at the carnival and the circus of events we have hosted for the past several months. You can revisit past Carnival of Healing editions and check out a variety of New Year resolution posts.

In the closing of 2005, I'd like to take a moment and thank Phylameana for beginning this Carnival, for being the brains & beauty behind it all. She is always striving forward to keep us inspired and motivated to bring holistic healing out to the world. Thank you Phylameana! You are an inspiration.

On that note, I am excited to be hosting the 1st Carnival of 2006!

Next Saturday, I will be gathering together a Carnival of New Year forecasts, including astrology, numerology, prophecy and intuition. It's going to be a happenin' Carnival- so don't miss it!

In fact, if you have blog posts relating to these categories that you would like to submit for possible inclusion, please email me.

In the meantime- go visit the New Years Eve Carnival party at Spiral Visions!

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Friday, December 30, 2005

New Moon today

Today's new moon is the last one of 2005. It's a great time to look forward and plan your strategy for 2006. Astrologer Stephanie Austin's new moon report is posted at Intuitive Living.

Last New Moon of 2005
by Stephanie Austin

"The last New Moon of 2005 forms on Friday, December 30th at 7:12 PM PST at 9ยบ32¹ Capricorn, making this an especially potent time to review the past and prepare for the future.

A New Moon in Capricorn invites us to carefully inventory our lives and reaffirm our goals. Ruled by Saturn, the mythic Reaper, Capricorn is the sign most concerned with responsibility and accomplishment. What do we really want, and what will it take to get there?

Where do we need more discipline, and where do we need to say no? Where do we need to be our own authority?This New Moon asks us to remember our real job, not what we do for money, but for Love. We each have a calling... " Read the full post.

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Entering 2006 with a Grand Cross

Each month I receive this wonderful astrological forecast, keeping me up to date on upcoming transits and astrological happenings. This month I thought I would share the introduction with you. It reflects many of the current 'themes' that are happenings with us. There may be something that speaks to you as well... You can also visit the Shamanic Astrology website and register to receive the monthly newsletter yourself.

January 2006 Celestial Timings
By Carolyn Brent

Manifestation is the experience through which Loving Essence Evolves.
Right Use of Will received by Ceanne DeRohan

The Grand Cross of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune
2006 sees the continuation of a Grand Cross of energy in the so-called fixed signs (in Shamanic Astrology we call these the signs of Self-Interest) featuring Mars at a 11 Taurus, retrograde Saturn at 10 Leo, Jupiter at 13 Scorpio and Neptune at 16 Aquarius. Also in Aquarius as the Month begins is Chiron at 2 degrees. The Sun enters Aquarius late on Jan 19 or early morning on Jan 20 depending on your time zone and Mercury enters Aquarius Jan 22 and the moon’s passage by each planet further catalyses what is already in process.

The fixed signs, or signs of self-interest, are focused on developing personal aspects of divine expression. Taurus is learning about self through the experiences of pleasure, beauty, intimacy and the ability to receive itself and the fullest experience of life. Leo takes this a step further developing the qualities of radical, radiant self-love, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-approval from the perspective that it is a divine incarnation. Scorpio develops the qualities of divine Will as an individualized expression learning to manifest spirit into matter for an orgasmic ecstatic experience and Aquarius extends this to encompass the cosmic perspective and to revolutionize consciousness and awareness further evolving the divine essence within all life.

Mars is the active sacred masculine principle. Saturn is the structure or form we give our lives. Jupiter expands our awareness beyond the current forms. Chiron is the Shamanic healer distilling the healing elixir that transforms our wounds into the medicine we carry. Neptune facilitates new visions and dreams through contact with the field of all possibilities deepening our inner knowing and developing our inner eye for seeing beyond the illusions of this external reality.

This month is likely to further challenge and expand our current perception of reality. The old structures are giving way to new concepts and ideas. The more we try to hang on to what has been the more intense the events will be to force us to let go. The change is happening because it is time. Letting go of all our preconceived ideas of reality and how things should or should not be helps facilitate what is already in process. Inspired action (Mars) that is guided by our inner knowing (Neptune) helps to consciously and innovately (Aquarius) co-create a new expanded (Jupiter) reality (Saturn) beyond what we have previously imagined. This is a natural pre-ordained process similar to what happens to the caterpillar when it is time to become a butterfly. So just as the caterpillar can’t fully imagine what it is like to be a butterfly neither can we fully comprehend or imagine what is shifting and changing, or where it is leading us.

Ultimately we could say "resistance is futile" because the process is natural. Just as the caterpillar can not get out of becoming a butterfly we can not ultimately get out of the transformational process already underway. However, the process is a lot more fun when we surrender to the magic and mystery that is there for us to experience when we embrace this pre-ordained unfolding. Read the full month forecast

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Vitamin to Prevent Cancer...

The Vitamin That Prevents Cancer
by Christopher Stewart

A recent review of more than 40 years of research has found that a daily dose of vitamin D could cut your risk of colon, ovary, and breast cancer by as much as 50%. Cancer authorities in both the UK and USA are stating that swift action is needed by public health agencies to boost the blood level of vitamin D in the general population.

The study published in the online version of the American Journal of Public Health, assessed scientific research published on cancer and vitamin D since the 1960’s

Many research studies have shown that a lack of vitamin D may have far reaching and possibly lethal effects. Vitamin D has been shown to have a vital role in protecting ourselves from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, lung disease, schizophrenia, and multiple sclerosis.

Our bodies make Vitamin D by the action of sunlight on the skin. When you are exposed to the ultraviolet rays from the sun, your skin is able to synthesize vitamin D cholecalciferol (D3) which is stored by your body in fat for subsequent use. Your body will only store vitamin D for about 60 days.

This creates about 90% of the body’s supply of Vitamin D. Unfortunately with the growing use of sunscreens as well as less time spent outdoors there is now a growing problem of vitamin D deficiency. African Americans require a longer time in sunlight as the melanin in their skin acts as a natural sunscreen.

US cancer scientists are recommending a daily dose of 1,000 international units (IU’s) of vitamin D for adults. Vitamin D supplements are available at most drug and health food stores. A 90 day supply should not cost more than about ten dollars, and the health benefits will be priceless.

Christopher Stewart B.A. M.S. is a Medical Intuitive. His work is the healing of heart, mind, body and spirit. You may visit Christopher’s website at for further information and to schedule a private consultation. You also may look for frequent updates to his blog at: Intuitive Living

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Sleep as a Priority....

Give Yourself a Good Night's Sleep This Season
Experts offer six important reasons why slumber is essential
-- Robert Preidt

THURSDAY, Dec. 22 (HealthDay News) -- If you scrimp on sleep, you could be setting yourself up for health problems, according to the Harvard Women's Health Watch.

It offers six good reasons to make sure you get enough sleep:
  • To remember. Sleep helps learning and memory. While you sleep, your brain commits new information to memory through a process called memory consolidation.
  • To stay slim. Chronic sleep deprivation may cause weight gain by affecting the way your body processes and stores carbohydrates and by altering levels of hormones that control appetite... Read the Full Article

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

and Blessings to all!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Heart filled with Christmas Memories....

Carnival of Healing #22 titled Heart and Christmas Memories, is online at Phylameana has hosted a beautiful collage of memories and healing of the heart this Christmas Eve Day.

She writes about her recent travels through snow covered Minnesota with her husband, making snow angels, tobogganing and It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. She recommends a beautiful book for the holidays: Christmas Past by Barbara Hallman Kissinger filled with Christmas lore, stories and tradition.

Phylameana also takes us on a journey of her Christmas tree- I love Christmas ornaments and the memories they envoke each year as they are placed on the tree....

"The tree we decorate in our home is a Christmas tree. I call it a Christmas tree, not a solstice tree or a holiday tree. I call it a Christmas tree because my family's roots are in Christianity. I've called it a Christmas tree since my youth. However, my leanings are pagan and because of this my tree is semi-traditional. The ornaments adorning my Christmas tree reflect a variety of different belief systems. Its branches are loaded with angel ornaments which reflect spiritual beings. There are also ornaments shaped as hearts and doves. The tree is also adorned with twelve beautiful golden ornaments that depict the zodiac signs. There is treasured fat jolly santa ornament. And there is a joyously happy fat-bellied Buddha ornament as well. A favorite trimming is a tiny white mouse made from felt my grandmother hand sewed with a bright red bead she stitched onto it for its eye. It rests quietly atop a lower branch keeping a watch over the packages placed underneath. The mouse that didn't stir on Christmas eve... I suppose. "

My Christmas tree this year is covered with even more twinkle lights that usual. I love the lights the most. I have always been fascinated by lights that twinkle at night. My ornament collection has grown and changed over the past twenty years. Each year I add at least one new ornament, something I have hand crafted, or purchased. I collect Santas and snowmen, so needless to say, there are many on my tree. Each year I purchase a new Santa for my collection, but this year I haven't found the right one yet... hopefully I will. Who knows, maybe someone will have one for me under the tree this year...

The Carnival has brought back many Christmas memories of my own as I read it... take a moment to visit- you'll enjoy the trip down memory lane for the holiay.

Now, I'm off to finish baking- and wrapping!

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Holding Your Own with Family

The holidays are filled with family and friends. During these gatherings it's important to remember your personal boundaries to contain your energy. It's too easy to feel emotionally drained by family and large crowds of people. As a reminder, I am reprinting one of my articles with simple steps to help you have a wonderful holiday experience, rather than a drained one.

Creative Approaches to Family Gatherings
by Jodie Foster

Do you find yourself dreading family gatherings?

Is the family situation trying and very draining on your emotional state?

Staying centered when others around us are spinning in excitement, anticipation or agitation is never easy. It is challenging to hold our own position at times. The energy encountered in your family can be overwhelming. When you have to be at a family gathering, remember to take a few simple steps before getting out of your car:

1. Take three deep breaths.

2. Pull in your energetic field closer to your body (this contains your energy so it is not so porous and expanded- keeping you from picking up other’s energies). You can also do this by crossing your arms over your heart, hugging yourself tightly and feeling very contained.

3. Focus your energy on your feet- feeling how rooted you are to the earth.

4. Clear your mind and focus on the task at hand, knowing you are centered within yourself and nothing can truly harm you or hurt you.

These few simple methods will help you have a better experience. They seem like very simple concepts, but each has a specific purpose and work together to bring you into a state of conscious awareness. This awareness is the most powerful tool we possess. If you have conscious awareness you are remaining empowered in your personal space. This can assist you in holding your own energy rather than being drained by the swirling energy around you.

It’s easy to get caught up in family tension, experiencing undue demands on yourself and the guilt that comes with living according to old feelings of expectation and duty. Simply because something has been unchanged for years, does it mean it is the only way it can be done? Think about the ramifications of some of these expectations that have been passed down through the family for generations.

Do the family expectations make you uncomfortable? Do you visit members of the family out of duty rather than out of excitement and joy? Are you weighed down by the expectations placed upon you? Is there a sense of loyalty that is defining your every move? What would happen if you created a new way of responding? Would it be more fulfilling to you personally? Would you feel guilt? Would it bring you joy? Would it be exciting? Would it be too uncomfortable?
Only you would know inside yourself what your response would be.

Is it worth finding out? Step out on your own and do things differently the next time you are at a family gathering. Why not take the risk to change? Change is the healthiest thing we can ever do for ourselves. Being caught in a routine is stifling and can cause our energies to stagnate.

Samsara is a Sanskrit word that means to me, “the only thing that never changes, is the fact that everything changes.” Samsara is about flow. Energy in flowing motion is free and openly being expressed. Energy held in expectation and tradition can be stagnant and unmoving.
Which do you prefer? Which do you choose? Take the leap and make a change! And most of all, remember it’s about your wellbeing. Do what brings you joy. Allow that to be the guiding force within you.

© 2005 Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster is an Intuitive Counselor who assists clients to create extraordinary transformations in their daily lives. Her work is uplifting, empowering and success-oriented. You can visit Jodie’s website at for further information and to schedule a private intuitive session. You can also look for weekly updates to her blog at:

Publisher's Guidelines: You may freely publish this article online, in email newsletters, or in print so long as the resource box and byline are in tact. Author would appreciate a notification, but that is optional.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Make your own Photo Mosaics

Make your own photo Mosaics at Flickr
What a cool idea for Christmas cards...

Christmas Lights to the Extreme...

Because I enjoyed the musical Christmas Light show so much, I went looking for more Christmas light displays around the internet. I happened across Planet Christmas. What a nice website for people who love Christmas to the extreme... and show it off!

Check out the extreme Christmas lights display from 2005. It works best if you have a broadband connection becasue there are so many photos. There's a How-To section that explains everything from how Christmas Lights work to using intricate displays, power needs, and setting it to music. There's also a page with links to Christmas Enthusiasts from around the globe.

Take a moment to visit Planet Christmas- you'll probably be there for a while, so make a cup of tea or hot chocolate, put on some Christmas music and plan to stay a while!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rebirthing into Light~ Solstice Day 2005

Blessing to you on this shortest day and longest night. There is a beautiful piece written by Zacciah Blackburn of The Center of Light in Ascutney, VT.

"Winter Solstice is this. It is a time of letting go of that unreal. It is a time of death of those things which we can no longer hold on to. Of those things which do not serve us. It is a time of celebration of the turning of the Earth, and Sun, from the deepest darkness, toward the most brilliant light. It is a time of touching the ancient knowledge. A time of thin veils, in which the Ancient Ones stand ever so close to us, we can hear them whisper... "

Read the full posting at Intuitive Living

A Return to Joy

Today I had a very interesting conversation with a loved one about the upcoming holidays and something she said struck a real chord in me. We were discussing how she was feeling, and her first comments were how frustrated, angry and annoyed she was. When I asked her what things were happening, all she could list were things that were positive, accomplishments she had made and compliments she had received. Needless to say, the feeling and the experiences didn't jive.

As we talked longer, I gently pointed out how she was having difficulty being in a 'good place' within herself. She wasn't able to accept the joy when she was being so attached to the frustration and old habitual feelings. She then realized that several key happenings had been putting the word 'Joy' right in front of her, but she hadn't seen it until that moment. She said she was remembering that 'joy' is a theme of this holiday season and she was forgetting to re'joy'ce (rejoice). It was like having to put the joy back into the heart space within her where it had been missing, or shoved to one side. She needed to re-' joy' herself.

Rejoicing brought angels to my mind heralding the joy of Christmas. Angels play a large role in my life, always have. They bring me deep joy and a sense of peacefulness in my heart. There's also "Joy to the World", a beautiful song that asks us to 'receive'! What a concept!

I remember when I was finishing college, I had an opportunity to design my own semester of study. One semester I chose to study 'Joy'. I was going to focus for 6 months on this emotion, drawing out all the beauty, understanding its energetic patterns and signature, studying its affects in the heart chakra, etc. Truly, I experienced the worst 6 months of my life.

What I came to know and understand during that time was something I had known in 'theory', but evidently not experientially, was that joy & grief/sorrow, both reside in the heart chakra. They are two sides of the same coin. In order for me to get to the joy, I needed to go through the grief, feel the sorrow and release what I had been holding in my heart.

Did I experience joy during that 6 month study? Not really. I experienced a lot of sorrow, and I learned a lot about joy. But, it wasn't until much later, as I allowed myself to let go of the grief that I had been holding, that I began to feel lighter, happier. Now, years later, I experience joy is so many ways. My heart is definitely lighter and life is so much brighter. It's amazing just how heavy grief is.

What I saw in my loved one as she was realizing her need to re-joy, was a habit playing itself out. She had been so accustomed to things being challenging, frustrating and giving her grief, that she only saw thru those colored glasses. Even when all her experiences were opportunities to feel joy, she couldn't see them because she wasn't looking with 'new eyes'. She was only seeing through her old point of reference. In order to be filled with joy, we must be willing to see with 'new eyes', and allow the lightness to enter our heart and fill us with a bubbly feeling-- truly an experience to 'rejoice' in...

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Finally a moment to write

It's been an interesting week. Several clients I have spoken with have shared similar feelings about the upcoming holidays- it seems surreal somehow. I've noticed it too. I've gone through the motions, tried to amp up to the excitement and joy that usually comes with it, but it feels far away. These past two months plagued with tense astrological transits have created a rather interesting time for us. I'd like to say that it's at least better since Mars finally went direct a week ago, but I supposed it does take it a while to get back to where it was before it appeared to travel backwards.

Wednesday the 21st is the Winter Solstice, signaling the coming of light. Meditation and inner reflection is a good plan for the day, along with lighting a candle and stating your intentions for the coming New Year. It is a time of spiritual renewal and inner clarity. Make your list for what you choose to create in 2006. Know that the longest night of the year is the perfect time for acknowledging transformation and committing to making those changes in the next several months.

The upcoming year brings energy of release and letting go to the forefront, especially layers of karmic burdens that we have carried with us into this now moment. I deal with past life information often with clients and it never ceases to surprise and amaze me the things we carry around with us. We think the past life experience remains unfinished and we look to find closure or resolution. While sometimes it is about acceptance, many times it is about recognizing the karmic pattern, identifying the past life experience in question and releasing it to the past.

2006 adds up to the #8. The number 8 signifies karma. We will be influenced to recognize, release and move on. I will be talking much more about karmic experiences after the holidays.

In the meantime, the now moment is saying it's late and time for me to go to bed....

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Worth waiting for...

"Finally, after weeks of watching it creep nearer day by day,
the setting sun is placed within the arch of the new stadium. "
Check out the photo gallery leading up to this beautiful sunset shot by mym

Musical Christmas Light Show!

Check out this fabulous light show- someone really did quite a job programming all the lights to sync with the music. Click on the link on this blog site--

"The awesome display was done by Carson Williams of Mason, Ohio. Great job by Carson, but unfortunately, he had to shut it down on Dcember 7th because of too many folks driving by to see it and creating a public safety hazard. Kinda knew that was going to happen because it must be quite a site to see in person. He uses a low-power FM transmitter so folks can tune their radio's to hear the music sychronized to the lights rather than have speakers blaring/bothering the neighbors. It's actually the video from last year's christmas that got "released" on the Internet in mid-November and basically went everywhere. I understand that a beer company shot a commercial at Carson's house, so you may see it on your TV
screen - should be cool."

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

A reminder....

Better for me to keep it in sight...


A Christmas Gift for you!

The Christmas Ticker below says only 7 days left until Christmas! Well... in that case, I thought it would be good to give you your gift early- so you can enjoy it for Christmas.

It's a 247 page Christmas book filled with stories of Christmas. It included stories from Charles Dickens, to Russian folk tales to stories of Christmas fairies. It will only be available online until 12/26- so please save it to your computer once you've opened the link.

I wish you a very joyous week as we approach the big day.... I know I still have a little bit of shopping to finish and then the wrapping! Oh, my...

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

5th Chakra Carnival~ Song & Healing

The 21st edition of the Carnival of Healing is now online at Intuitive Living blog. It's theme is the 5th Chakra: Doorway to the Song of the Heart.

Christopher tells a beautiful story of the 5th Chakra and Tibetan Snow Leopards along with pictures! The leopard is just gorgeous... they are one of my favorite animals.

The Carnival is filled with music links, most of which link to blogs or websites where you can actually listen to the music he is writing about. Make sure to listen to Sigur Ros in concert. They are an Icelandic band that is etheric, and hauntingly beautiul. I love their music and have several of their concert recordings. In fact, they are going to be here in Maine to perform in February. There are also links to first century music from Israel and sufi music from Turkey.

This is a fabulous carnival- click here to enjoy!

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Gift of Grace for you...

Today I received an email with a wonderful gift. It was from Genece Hamby of the Sanctuary of Stillness. She has graciously agreed to share this gift with all of you... she writes:

"Most of us love the pleasures of giving. On the other hand, we are not always as gracious in receiving gifts of pleasure from others. Whether it is a physical gift or a compliment, we struggle to accept the grace of another's gift. Actually, we rob the giving pleasure of another when we respond to their gift by our discomfort in receiving. Opening our hearts to receive requires allowing the gift of grace to touch our lives in all ways.

I give you a gift of pleasure as an eBook, "An Invitation to Grace" in hopes that you open your heart to receive the love from teachings, poetry, musings and art as my expresssion of stillness, beauty and grace. "

Download Your Free Gift Now!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holidays and Grief- How to deal?

Here's a timely article given the holidays fast approaching....

Grieving Through the Holidays
by Mary E. Richardson

Holiday Grief- what is it? How does it differ from other grief? What is grief anyway?

These are but a few questions you might want to explore as we move ever deeper into the holidays, the season of celebration, gift-giving/receiving, parties and gatherings of various sizes and diversities.

Grief is not a feeling; it is a heavy and complex emotion (energy-in-motion) containing every imaginable feeling in the human psyche. When someone experiences the loss of a loved one, a spouse, a child, a parent (not just from death but from any tragedy), grief emotes powerfully to pull you down to where you can safely begin to feel yourself without that which you've lost.

Grief provides a safe haven, a kind of hospice where you can tend your wounds, grow new skin, encourage the scabs to form and thicken, so that you rise back up into the world as a new person.

However, many people choose to ignore this gift of Grief and rather than actively grieve... Read the full article

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Christmas Yummies...

I was given a link to an ebook of 80 Christmas recipes from around the world and I wanted to share it with all of you! Click here to download.

Here's one of the recipes. I have someone special to me that absolutely loves Stollen, but usually from a German bakery... I'll have to try this recipe and see if it comes close.

Christmas Stollen (Sweden)

1 cup milk
1/2 cup plus 2 tbsp granulated sugar
1 pkt active dry yeast
5 cup sifted all-purpose flour
1/2 cup candied citron
1/2 cup candied cherries
1 cup slivered almonds
Grated rind of 1 lemon
1 cup seedless raisins
2 eggs
8 oz butter
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp cinnamon
2/3 cup sifted confectioners' sugar
1/4 cup warm water
2 tbsp hot water
1/2 tsp salt

Finely chop the candied citron and cherries. Reserve.
Pour the milk into a saucepan. Heat to scalding. Turn off the heat and stir in 1/2 cup of the granulated sugar and the salt. Let the mixture cool to lukewarm.
In a large bowl, dissolve the yeast in the 1/2 cup warm water. Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes.
Pour the lukewarm milk mixture into the yeast solution. Stir in 1 cup of the flour. Beat the dough with an electric mixer or an egg beater until smooth. Cover the bowl with a cloth towel. Let the dough rise in a warm place until double in bulk (about 90 mn).
Punch down the dough in a bowl. Fold in the citron, the cherries, the almonds, the lemon rind and the raisins.
Add the beaten eggs, 3/4 cup of the softened butter and the nutmeg. Stir in 3 more cups flour and mix the dough until smooth.
Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead, working in enough of the remaining flour to make the dough smooth and elastic.
Divide the dough into halves. Roll each portion into an oval, about 1/2" thick.
In a small saucepan, melt the remaining butter and brush it over the ovals.
In a small bowl, combine the cinnamon with the remaining 2 Tbsp granulated sugar. Sprinkle the mixture over the ovals.
Fold the ovals in half, lengthwise. Place them on a buttered baking sheet. Twist the ends of each oval toward each other to form a crescent.
Loosely cover the ovals with wax paper and a cloth towel. Let the Stollen rise in a warm place until double in bulk (about 60 mn).

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Bake the Stollen 45 minutes or until golden.
In a small bowl, combine the confectioners' sugar with enough of the hot water to make a thick icing. Dribble the icing over the hot Stollen.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Time to make your move!

Well, finally Mars has come out of retrograde and is headed direct once again. Our planet of fire and action has been at a virtual grinding halt for quite some time, so it seems like nothing has really been moving. Now thanksfully Mars is on the move again- and so are we! YEAH!

I could feel a distinct difference over the weekend as Mars turned on Friday. Today (12/12 - a powerful day), things are gearing up to take off. We've got 13 days left until Christmas. I for one was at the craft store today picking up those last minute supplies to finish off a few special handcrafted gifts. I am grateful to have had some time this year to get back to some of my crafting. The past two years I've been very packed with clients and didn't get a chance to get to it. With Mars retrograde and Mercury as well for a few weeks, the client load has been lighter and therefore, I had more time.

Now that Mars is on the move, the calls are coming in again and I've got to finish what I started because my time will be taken up with intuitive readings and intuitive counseling clients. I'm excited to get back in the groove though. Of, and don't forget- I have gift certificates available for intuitive readings- visit my website for details. All readings are done by phone, so they can be used from any location.

One of my blog link buddies, Rhi at Dreamweaver asked about the next new moon taking place on New Years Eve. I will look into it and post something as soon as I can.

In the meantime, the full moon is on Thursday the 15th and looks like an interesting ride~

The Sun conjuncts Pluto on the same day. A Full Moon always highlights our issues, and with powerful Pluto in the mix, something big is going to come to a head. It's a time when major life changes are requiring your decision. Something may need to be resolved. If you've been putting off change- now is the time to dig in a just do it. The intensity of the Sun/Pluto combination with the Full Moon ought to give you the fiery action needed to transform you into the next level. Make good use of the energies- it's going to be a powerful time!

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Friday, December 09, 2005

Carnival of Healing #20: Spirit of Giving & Receiving

The holidays are upon us and one common theme that prevails, whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza, is the Spirit of Giving & Receiving.

When I think back in my memories of various holiday gatherings, the one thing that stands out is my time with family and the sharing that was at the center of the holiday. We would share time together decorating weeks in advance, we shared time shopping, baking and wrapping gifts. We also shared the time together as a family opening gifts that we gave to each other. The gifts didn't need to be expensive, and it wasn't about the gift so much as it was the excitement and joy that came from giving something to another that would make their face light up with the joy of receiving special something. It was all about the love that was being exchanged, for I believe that is the truth behind the season.

Visual Chronicles reminds us that ..." We love to give gifts. We say thank you with a gift. We say I love you with a gift. We say have a happy day with a gift. We say sorry I have no time to give you any attention, but here's a gift with a gift. Sometimes, we even say you're welcome with a gift. Giving gifts is often more fun than receiving them--really. We love that anticipation of that wonderful moment of surprise and unexpected joy that your kind little action will bring to your friend's day! It's a great gift to US to give!"

Regardless of your faith, belief, denomination or tradition, we all share and exchange love with others. We all experience the gift of giving and the joy of receiving someone's love and wishes. I believe that there is an energy that surrounds us during this season and flows from one person to another and that is Grace. Grace is Divine love and protection bestowed upon others. It is seemingly effortless beauty that shines from the children's eyes when reflecting the sparkle of the Christmas tree lights.

What Can You Do with a Dollar? writes about Grace and offers a beautiful song that he has written and recorded. On the blog the author issues this challenge and opportunity to share.

"The Challenge: Take a dollar bill and invest it or do something meaningful with it.
The Response: Using the dollar for about 5 CD-Rs, I wrote a song and sold enough CDs to some friends to purchase the domain name This is the tool I'm using to increase the investment through donations. Please download the song, "Grace in the Meantime" and donate a dollar if you like it. All proceeds go to Samaritan's Purse, an international relief non-profit organization."

You can download the song Grace in the Meantime. But please visit the blog to make a donation if you like.

"Every year during this season, you hear the phrase "The Christmas Spirit" over and over again. Yet many of us are not really sure what it is. Many of us think it is the warm fuzzy feeling we get. The excitement of the family gatherings and gift giving and receiving. But is that what it is really about? To really understand what the Christmas Spirit is all about, we need to go back to the very first Christmas.."

When giving and receiving become the same thing in our hearts, we have expanded beyond the material. Steve Pavlina discusses tithing and finding balance between giving and receiving.

Speaking of Giving and Receiving, did you know that there is an etiquette involved? I guess it's always implied, but I never realized someone took the time to write it all down...but, The Home Shopper did.

Do you feel like you haven't found the Spirit this holiday season yet? One such person finding the Christmas spirit within once again is John Carleton of With Child: A Diary of First Time Parents. This year he says he’s Scrooge No More. Fatherhood has changed him and melted his ‘Grinch-like’ heart. It’s amazing what having a child can do to change a person.

Another approach to spreading your Holiday Spirit can be to Hug It Out! ... "remember the best possible gift you could give someone is a hug, come on people hug it out, try hug as many people as you can this christmas it will all pay off karma works people so lets get them arms spread and HUG IT OUT!"

For a story about the Winter Solstice and a combination of traditions and beliefs, Lady Aquarius shares this story with us, A Winter Solstice Story ~Author Unknown.

Remember, no matter your belief, tradition, religion or faith, the heart of the holiday season is about sharing love. I remember when I was a little girl and my Mom would talk about Santa Claus. She would always tell us that Santa was really the Magic of Love and his job was to share that love all around the world. To this day I continue to carry that belief within my heart, and it is with that belief I share this Carnival of Healing with all of you.

I wish you Many Blessings & Joyous family gatherings during this Season of Love.

Next week the Carnival of Healing will be hosted by Intuitive Living before returning home to for it's Christmas edition.

If you would like to submit your blog post for consideration in an upcoming edition of the Carnival, please visit the Carnival home page.

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Countdown in progress...

Can you tell that I absolutely LOVE Christmas???

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Check your rating

Santa's Nice-o-Meter is up an running...

Enter your name to see how you rank this Christmas on the Big Guy's list.

Here's my ranking:

"Overall, niceness outweighs naughtiness. Was good a lot last month! Politeness often good, but has room for improvement. Could help around house more instead of watching so much TV. Expected to move even higher up "nice" list. "

It looks like I have room for improvement. I'd better get on it- there's only a couple weeks left!

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Star in your own Christmas Story

I came across an interesting little website that would be great for the kids- they get to star in their own Christmas story. Just fill in a few lines of infomation, include their names and names of 2 friends and wahlah... their Christmas story is ready. Here's the version I created:

It was a Christmas eve Jodie and Buddy will never forget. Buddy was visiting Jodie for the holidays. They had just finished a grand Christmas dinner with lots of ham, Jodie's favorite. The grown-ups were in the kitchen cleaning up.

Buddy and Jodie were playing in the living room when all of a sudden they heard singing outside. Jodie and Buddy ran to the door, and there standing in the lightly falling snow were Christmas carolers singing Jingle Bells. It was so cold you could see the singers' breath rising in the air like puffs of smoke. The carolers called for Buddy and Jodie to join them. It was late, but Jodie's folks said they could go for a little while. Jodie and Buddy grabbed their coats and hats and gloves and went out to sing with the carolers. It was great fun!

As Jodie and Buddy headed home, the snow stopped, the stars started twinkling and the moon was so bright, they could see through the darkness. Just as they arrived at Jodie's door, Buddy stopped. "Listen Jodie, did you hear that? It sounds like bells!" "I hear it, too!" Jodie said hurrying toward Buddy. "Look up there," Buddy pointed. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Jodie asked. "Yes! It's Santa! It has to be!" Buddy gasped excitedly. "Listen, I think I can hear him calling out 'Ho, Ho, Ho.'" "Yes!" Jodie said, "I hear it too! It looks like he's over Holly's house. We better get inside and put out the milk and cookies! We need to get to bed ourselves."

"Let's run," Buddy said. The grownups were just finishing the dishes when Buddy and Jodie slid across the kitchen floor. "We saw Santa!" Jodie huffed. He was flying over Holly's house. We've got to hurry and put out Santa's snack. If we're not in bed Santa won't stop here!" Quickly, Buddy and Jodie poured Santa's milk in a glass and put five chocolate chip cookies on a plate. They placed the snack on the hearth near the fireplace so Santa would be sure to see it.

As they climbed into bed, they heard the grownups downstairs chuckling. "That must have been one big shooting star those kids saw," one said. Buddy and Jodie just smiled at each other as they drifted off to sleep. They knew what they saw was not a shooting star. Shooting stars don't ring bells and they don't sing out, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!"

Write your own Christmas story or you could be an original and write one from scratch!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Beliefs and Your Body Image

Christopher at Intuitive Living blog has posted an interesting little article about the role your beliefs around your body play in the physical condition of your body.

"The ideas that you have, then, play a large role in the way the body handles its nutrients, and utilizes its health and vitality"... Read the full post.

Body image is something that so many of us struggle with throughout our lives. Look at the fashion magazines, the fashion models, and the clothing designers who seem to play the divining role of what we all should look like.

During the Renaissance age women who were more shapely and rotund were considered voluptuous and sensual. Skinny women were viewed as poor because they didn't have a lot of meat on their bones. Now the messages that are 'fed' to us are ones of forcing starvation in order to be thin enough to be acceptable- or fashionable. These twisted ideas and images have left young girls believing that they are too big if they wear a size 2! It leads to horrible self esteem issues, self judgment and continual self punishment. It is not a healthy pattern.

Accepting your body the way it is- no matter what it looks like, no matter what your age or size, etc, is vital to your sense of inner peace and ultimately to your evolution. No longer are we here to spiritual evolve or ascend without the body. We need the body. We need to continue to evolve and ascend with our bodies this time around. Acceptance and loving your body is the answer. Too bad that society doesn't promote what may be truly good for us. It seems to enjoy feeding more and more fear, judgement and damnation.

Wow, caught me on a soapbox tonight...

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Back from "Land of the Missing"

Where in the world is Jodie? It's like the old kids game- "Where's Waldo?"

I've been on an inner hiatus I guess you could say. This astrological soup we've been in for the past few weeks has had be turning inward and clearing out old stuff that is no longer needed.

I've also spent a lot of time ( besides working with clients), crafting and creating gifts. I've been knitting, and making all sorts of other crafts. It's fun and I've realized just how long I've been away from it. Unfortunately I got a bit carried away and that included the time I usually devote to my blog, etc.

But, I guess I'm feeling Mercury ready to turn direct tomorrow and the energies of the new moon yesterday have kicked me in the butt and got me moving. So- I'm back!

A few things have passed me by... like last Saturday's Carnival of Healing hosted at Crossroads Dispatch. Evelyn's theme for the carnival is Grace & Gratitude. Tomorrow's Carnival is being hosted by Positive Perspectives. I'll make sure to post an announcement about it.

Next Saturday- December, 10th- The Carnival of Healing will be returning here to Intuitive Innovations. I'm not sure what theme I will be writing about, but if you would like to submit your blog for possible inclusion, please email me.

What else is on my list to tell you??... hmmmm...

Ohh! I am offering Holiday Gift Certificates for Intuitive Readings with me by phone. You can find all the info on my website, including Paypal purchasing options here:

Gift Certificates are available for 15 minute or 30 minute Intuitive Readings. It's a great gift idea for those friends and family members on your list that love things like this!

Let's see, what else... can't think of anything. I guess that wraps it up for now. I'll be back to writing with lots of wonderful new topics. If you have ideas about specific topics you would like me to write about here, please leave me a comment. Enjoy!

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