Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Star in your own Christmas Story

I came across an interesting little website that would be great for the kids- they get to star in their own Christmas story. Just fill in a few lines of infomation, include their names and names of 2 friends and wahlah... their Christmas story is ready. Here's the version I created:

It was a Christmas eve Jodie and Buddy will never forget. Buddy was visiting Jodie for the holidays. They had just finished a grand Christmas dinner with lots of ham, Jodie's favorite. The grown-ups were in the kitchen cleaning up.

Buddy and Jodie were playing in the living room when all of a sudden they heard singing outside. Jodie and Buddy ran to the door, and there standing in the lightly falling snow were Christmas carolers singing Jingle Bells. It was so cold you could see the singers' breath rising in the air like puffs of smoke. The carolers called for Buddy and Jodie to join them. It was late, but Jodie's folks said they could go for a little while. Jodie and Buddy grabbed their coats and hats and gloves and went out to sing with the carolers. It was great fun!

As Jodie and Buddy headed home, the snow stopped, the stars started twinkling and the moon was so bright, they could see through the darkness. Just as they arrived at Jodie's door, Buddy stopped. "Listen Jodie, did you hear that? It sounds like bells!" "I hear it, too!" Jodie said hurrying toward Buddy. "Look up there," Buddy pointed. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Jodie asked. "Yes! It's Santa! It has to be!" Buddy gasped excitedly. "Listen, I think I can hear him calling out 'Ho, Ho, Ho.'" "Yes!" Jodie said, "I hear it too! It looks like he's over Holly's house. We better get inside and put out the milk and cookies! We need to get to bed ourselves."

"Let's run," Buddy said. The grownups were just finishing the dishes when Buddy and Jodie slid across the kitchen floor. "We saw Santa!" Jodie huffed. He was flying over Holly's house. We've got to hurry and put out Santa's snack. If we're not in bed Santa won't stop here!" Quickly, Buddy and Jodie poured Santa's milk in a glass and put five chocolate chip cookies on a plate. They placed the snack on the hearth near the fireplace so Santa would be sure to see it.

As they climbed into bed, they heard the grownups downstairs chuckling. "That must have been one big shooting star those kids saw," one said. Buddy and Jodie just smiled at each other as they drifted off to sleep. They knew what they saw was not a shooting star. Shooting stars don't ring bells and they don't sing out, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!"

Write your own Christmas story or you could be an original and write one from scratch!

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