Thursday, December 15, 2005

A Gift of Grace for you...

Today I received an email with a wonderful gift. It was from Genece Hamby of the Sanctuary of Stillness. She has graciously agreed to share this gift with all of you... she writes:

"Most of us love the pleasures of giving. On the other hand, we are not always as gracious in receiving gifts of pleasure from others. Whether it is a physical gift or a compliment, we struggle to accept the grace of another's gift. Actually, we rob the giving pleasure of another when we respond to their gift by our discomfort in receiving. Opening our hearts to receive requires allowing the gift of grace to touch our lives in all ways.

I give you a gift of pleasure as an eBook, "An Invitation to Grace" in hopes that you open your heart to receive the love from teachings, poetry, musings and art as my expresssion of stillness, beauty and grace. "

Download Your Free Gift Now!

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