Saturday, December 17, 2005

5th Chakra Carnival~ Song & Healing

The 21st edition of the Carnival of Healing is now online at Intuitive Living blog. It's theme is the 5th Chakra: Doorway to the Song of the Heart.

Christopher tells a beautiful story of the 5th Chakra and Tibetan Snow Leopards along with pictures! The leopard is just gorgeous... they are one of my favorite animals.

The Carnival is filled with music links, most of which link to blogs or websites where you can actually listen to the music he is writing about. Make sure to listen to Sigur Ros in concert. They are an Icelandic band that is etheric, and hauntingly beautiul. I love their music and have several of their concert recordings. In fact, they are going to be here in Maine to perform in February. There are also links to first century music from Israel and sufi music from Turkey.

This is a fabulous carnival- click here to enjoy!

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