Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Heart filled with Christmas Memories....

Carnival of Healing #22 titled Heart and Christmas Memories, is online at Phylameana has hosted a beautiful collage of memories and healing of the heart this Christmas Eve Day.

She writes about her recent travels through snow covered Minnesota with her husband, making snow angels, tobogganing and It's a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. She recommends a beautiful book for the holidays: Christmas Past by Barbara Hallman Kissinger filled with Christmas lore, stories and tradition.

Phylameana also takes us on a journey of her Christmas tree- I love Christmas ornaments and the memories they envoke each year as they are placed on the tree....

"The tree we decorate in our home is a Christmas tree. I call it a Christmas tree, not a solstice tree or a holiday tree. I call it a Christmas tree because my family's roots are in Christianity. I've called it a Christmas tree since my youth. However, my leanings are pagan and because of this my tree is semi-traditional. The ornaments adorning my Christmas tree reflect a variety of different belief systems. Its branches are loaded with angel ornaments which reflect spiritual beings. There are also ornaments shaped as hearts and doves. The tree is also adorned with twelve beautiful golden ornaments that depict the zodiac signs. There is treasured fat jolly santa ornament. And there is a joyously happy fat-bellied Buddha ornament as well. A favorite trimming is a tiny white mouse made from felt my grandmother hand sewed with a bright red bead she stitched onto it for its eye. It rests quietly atop a lower branch keeping a watch over the packages placed underneath. The mouse that didn't stir on Christmas eve... I suppose. "

My Christmas tree this year is covered with even more twinkle lights that usual. I love the lights the most. I have always been fascinated by lights that twinkle at night. My ornament collection has grown and changed over the past twenty years. Each year I add at least one new ornament, something I have hand crafted, or purchased. I collect Santas and snowmen, so needless to say, there are many on my tree. Each year I purchase a new Santa for my collection, but this year I haven't found the right one yet... hopefully I will. Who knows, maybe someone will have one for me under the tree this year...

The Carnival has brought back many Christmas memories of my own as I read it... take a moment to visit- you'll enjoy the trip down memory lane for the holiay.

Now, I'm off to finish baking- and wrapping!

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