Friday, December 09, 2005

Carnival of Healing #20: Spirit of Giving & Receiving

The holidays are upon us and one common theme that prevails, whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza, is the Spirit of Giving & Receiving.

When I think back in my memories of various holiday gatherings, the one thing that stands out is my time with family and the sharing that was at the center of the holiday. We would share time together decorating weeks in advance, we shared time shopping, baking and wrapping gifts. We also shared the time together as a family opening gifts that we gave to each other. The gifts didn't need to be expensive, and it wasn't about the gift so much as it was the excitement and joy that came from giving something to another that would make their face light up with the joy of receiving special something. It was all about the love that was being exchanged, for I believe that is the truth behind the season.

Visual Chronicles reminds us that ..." We love to give gifts. We say thank you with a gift. We say I love you with a gift. We say have a happy day with a gift. We say sorry I have no time to give you any attention, but here's a gift with a gift. Sometimes, we even say you're welcome with a gift. Giving gifts is often more fun than receiving them--really. We love that anticipation of that wonderful moment of surprise and unexpected joy that your kind little action will bring to your friend's day! It's a great gift to US to give!"

Regardless of your faith, belief, denomination or tradition, we all share and exchange love with others. We all experience the gift of giving and the joy of receiving someone's love and wishes. I believe that there is an energy that surrounds us during this season and flows from one person to another and that is Grace. Grace is Divine love and protection bestowed upon others. It is seemingly effortless beauty that shines from the children's eyes when reflecting the sparkle of the Christmas tree lights.

What Can You Do with a Dollar? writes about Grace and offers a beautiful song that he has written and recorded. On the blog the author issues this challenge and opportunity to share.

"The Challenge: Take a dollar bill and invest it or do something meaningful with it.
The Response: Using the dollar for about 5 CD-Rs, I wrote a song and sold enough CDs to some friends to purchase the domain name This is the tool I'm using to increase the investment through donations. Please download the song, "Grace in the Meantime" and donate a dollar if you like it. All proceeds go to Samaritan's Purse, an international relief non-profit organization."

You can download the song Grace in the Meantime. But please visit the blog to make a donation if you like.

"Every year during this season, you hear the phrase "The Christmas Spirit" over and over again. Yet many of us are not really sure what it is. Many of us think it is the warm fuzzy feeling we get. The excitement of the family gatherings and gift giving and receiving. But is that what it is really about? To really understand what the Christmas Spirit is all about, we need to go back to the very first Christmas.."

When giving and receiving become the same thing in our hearts, we have expanded beyond the material. Steve Pavlina discusses tithing and finding balance between giving and receiving.

Speaking of Giving and Receiving, did you know that there is an etiquette involved? I guess it's always implied, but I never realized someone took the time to write it all down...but, The Home Shopper did.

Do you feel like you haven't found the Spirit this holiday season yet? One such person finding the Christmas spirit within once again is John Carleton of With Child: A Diary of First Time Parents. This year he says he’s Scrooge No More. Fatherhood has changed him and melted his ‘Grinch-like’ heart. It’s amazing what having a child can do to change a person.

Another approach to spreading your Holiday Spirit can be to Hug It Out! ... "remember the best possible gift you could give someone is a hug, come on people hug it out, try hug as many people as you can this christmas it will all pay off karma works people so lets get them arms spread and HUG IT OUT!"

For a story about the Winter Solstice and a combination of traditions and beliefs, Lady Aquarius shares this story with us, A Winter Solstice Story ~Author Unknown.

Remember, no matter your belief, tradition, religion or faith, the heart of the holiday season is about sharing love. I remember when I was a little girl and my Mom would talk about Santa Claus. She would always tell us that Santa was really the Magic of Love and his job was to share that love all around the world. To this day I continue to carry that belief within my heart, and it is with that belief I share this Carnival of Healing with all of you.

I wish you Many Blessings & Joyous family gatherings during this Season of Love.

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