Friday, December 30, 2005

Entering 2006 with a Grand Cross

Each month I receive this wonderful astrological forecast, keeping me up to date on upcoming transits and astrological happenings. This month I thought I would share the introduction with you. It reflects many of the current 'themes' that are happenings with us. There may be something that speaks to you as well... You can also visit the Shamanic Astrology website and register to receive the monthly newsletter yourself.

January 2006 Celestial Timings
By Carolyn Brent

Manifestation is the experience through which Loving Essence Evolves.
Right Use of Will received by Ceanne DeRohan

The Grand Cross of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune
2006 sees the continuation of a Grand Cross of energy in the so-called fixed signs (in Shamanic Astrology we call these the signs of Self-Interest) featuring Mars at a 11 Taurus, retrograde Saturn at 10 Leo, Jupiter at 13 Scorpio and Neptune at 16 Aquarius. Also in Aquarius as the Month begins is Chiron at 2 degrees. The Sun enters Aquarius late on Jan 19 or early morning on Jan 20 depending on your time zone and Mercury enters Aquarius Jan 22 and the moon’s passage by each planet further catalyses what is already in process.

The fixed signs, or signs of self-interest, are focused on developing personal aspects of divine expression. Taurus is learning about self through the experiences of pleasure, beauty, intimacy and the ability to receive itself and the fullest experience of life. Leo takes this a step further developing the qualities of radical, radiant self-love, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-approval from the perspective that it is a divine incarnation. Scorpio develops the qualities of divine Will as an individualized expression learning to manifest spirit into matter for an orgasmic ecstatic experience and Aquarius extends this to encompass the cosmic perspective and to revolutionize consciousness and awareness further evolving the divine essence within all life.

Mars is the active sacred masculine principle. Saturn is the structure or form we give our lives. Jupiter expands our awareness beyond the current forms. Chiron is the Shamanic healer distilling the healing elixir that transforms our wounds into the medicine we carry. Neptune facilitates new visions and dreams through contact with the field of all possibilities deepening our inner knowing and developing our inner eye for seeing beyond the illusions of this external reality.

This month is likely to further challenge and expand our current perception of reality. The old structures are giving way to new concepts and ideas. The more we try to hang on to what has been the more intense the events will be to force us to let go. The change is happening because it is time. Letting go of all our preconceived ideas of reality and how things should or should not be helps facilitate what is already in process. Inspired action (Mars) that is guided by our inner knowing (Neptune) helps to consciously and innovately (Aquarius) co-create a new expanded (Jupiter) reality (Saturn) beyond what we have previously imagined. This is a natural pre-ordained process similar to what happens to the caterpillar when it is time to become a butterfly. So just as the caterpillar can’t fully imagine what it is like to be a butterfly neither can we fully comprehend or imagine what is shifting and changing, or where it is leading us.

Ultimately we could say "resistance is futile" because the process is natural. Just as the caterpillar can not get out of becoming a butterfly we can not ultimately get out of the transformational process already underway. However, the process is a lot more fun when we surrender to the magic and mystery that is there for us to experience when we embrace this pre-ordained unfolding. Read the full month forecast

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