Friday, September 15, 2006

Living in transition...

Since Wednesday, the day I 'changed my name', I have been feeling the waves of transformation sweeping me along. Jaelin Reece is emerging while 'Jodie Fster' is falling back and allowing the new energy to surface. It's an interesting ride...

I want to thank everyone who has sent me emails over the past few days with well wishes and congratulations. Many of you have sent stories of your own name change experiences. I am truly touched by the sharing and outpouring of support. Thank you!

While I know this change is feeling strange right now, it will sink in over time. I see how much the process is about embracing the new identity and releasing the constrictions of the previous identity.

Funny how much energy goes into our name. We see ourselves as the picture we have in our mind, and when that changes, a new picture is created. The new picture is like a canvas that we paint in layers. I can see that I have laid down the base color (I like the hot pink) and am deciding what color to use next. It will be a colorful work of art when I am completed.

I'm hoping for a masterpiece... :)