Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Change Happens...

Last month, I spoke about the many transformations that I had underway, and I mentioned there was still another big change coming. Well, I�m finally ready to announce it. I am changing my name.

No longer will I be Jodie Foster, a name that is shared with the actress. I have chosen the new name Jaelin K. Reece. While my reasons for the change are personal, it is connected to the major transformations that have been happening in my life. I have chosen to institute this change now because Wednesday, September 13th is my birthday and I felt it was only fitting to have the birth of a new name at the same time.

Over the next few weeks, you will see the changes reflected in my blog and website. While this is a big change, I know it will feel odd for a while. I ask you to bear with me as I make adjustments. For now, I will be signing my newsletters and email as Jaelin K. Reece (fka Jodie Foster). Fka stands for �formerly known as�.

Pluto, now termed a �dwarf� planet, went direct on Sept 4th. This means that it is now appearing to move forward once again. In its retrograde period, it seemed as if everyone was stagnating in the swamp of their own emotional baggage, trying to keep it hidden under the proverbial rug. Now with the direct motion of this planet, the transformations need to be made visible. The changes we have been working with to create are finally ready to be revealed, such as announcing my name change. It has been in the works for several months, but now is ready to be illuminated.

What major transformations have been happening within you that are ready to be revealed? Maybe you are planning a job change, or a move. Maybe you�ve been meaning to clean out the garage or basement and it�s finally become an insistent need pushing down on you. These are all actions of Pluto in motion.

Pluto by its very nature is about CHANGE. You can choose to ignore the changes needed, or face them with grace and courage. One way or another, the change will happen. Like the butterfly, you can choose to gracefully accept the transformative action and learn how to fly with a new sense of freedom, or you can be stubborn, do it the hard way and experience pain. Pluto�s main intention is to help you get in touch with your SELF. As one astrologer so beautifully put it, �And so many of us fear ourselves and what we don't know or realize/recognize about ourselves--so we entrench, we fight back, we refuse to budge.�

Think about your choices. Lay out all your options and simply take an action. Sometimes all that is required is just the act of taking a step, allowing the rest to fall into place because you have faith.

Sometimes it�s just about a leap of faith...

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