Thursday, September 28, 2006

13 Simple Thoughts

April Elliot Kent at Big Sky Astrology posted this list in her blog. I think it speaks volumes for the energy we face during these times...

1. Be patient.
2. Be kind.
3. Give people the benefit of the doubt.
4. Measure twice, cut once.
5. Take your time.
6. Be reasonable.
7. Get enough rest.
8. Nothing is as urgent as it seems.
9. It’s not a contest.
10. Give yourself a break.
11. Let it go.
12. Breathe.
13. Imperfection is sometimes exactly what is needed.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

We all have needs...

We all have basic needs that must be met. From Uncommon Knowledge, is an article about the 9 Basic Human Needs. It's a good reminder...

"Problems due to missing 'basics' in peoples lives tend to develop over time, and so can be easily missed. Then, when the problem arises - be it anxiety, depression, addiction or some other nasty - they can't for the life of them fathom out why!

It's therefore a great idea to know what your own garden needs in order to grow well, so when you see something starting to wither, you can check your list and apply the necessary nutrients..." Read the full article


Sunday, September 17, 2006

What's a Meme? .. a Nourishing Meme?

Phylameana at Spiral Visions has challenged me to join the Nourishing Meme. I thought, "Why not?" But, it also meant that I had better know what a meme is. So off I went to the dictionary.

Meme: "A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. " Ok, that explains a few things...

These five questions are intended to promote a "Nourishing Meme" in the blogosphere that was birthed by Joanne Hay.

Here are the questions:

1. What is the most nourishing thing you frequently do for yourself?
2. For your health, what will you never compromise on?
3. Where do you get most of your health information?
4. What single whole food or supplement has turned your health around the most?
5. What is your favorite natural therapy?

My answers:

Q. What is the most nourishing thing you frequently do for your self?

A. Working from home, I make sure that everyday I go out. It may only be a trip to the post office, or to the grocery store, sometimes the coffee shop, but it helps me feel nourished and part of society.

Q. For your health, what will you never compromise on?

A. Because I know how important feeling our feelings is to our health, I don't compromise on acknowledging my feelings. Any of my clients who have worked with me for years will tell you that I always say, " Awareness is 99% of everything." I believe in being aware of my inner self and the feelings that reside there, then actively give them the space to be expressed or released.

Q. Where do you get most of your health information?

A. Recently I have been working more closely with my Osteopath, so I would have to say that more is coming through her at this time. I also work with Medical Intuitive Christopher Stewart. He has guided me to new levels of healing and ways to provide my body with the nourishment its asking for.

Q. What single whole food or supplement has turned your health around the most?

A. Iron supplements, along with a good vitamin/ mineral regime. I was diagnosed with extreme anemia several months ago and the change in my energy level, focus and health has been dramatic since I began the supplementation.

Q. What is your favorite natural therapy?

A. Flower essences. I have been a flower essence practitioner for over 20 years and I feel very strongly about their healing effects of our energetic bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Now, as the word meme implies... I need to challenge other bloggers to take the ball and roll with it, answering the questions and passing it along.

I'm sending out the call to Fellow Carnival of Healing hosts:

Christopher Stewart, Medical Intuitive at Intuitive Living

Evelyn Rodriguez at Crossroad Dispatches

Elisa Camahort at Hip and Zen Pen

I'm also sending out the challenge to everyone reading this post. Please answer the 5 questions by posting a comment below...

Jaelin :)

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Living in transition...

Since Wednesday, the day I 'changed my name', I have been feeling the waves of transformation sweeping me along. Jaelin Reece is emerging while 'Jodie Fster' is falling back and allowing the new energy to surface. It's an interesting ride...

I want to thank everyone who has sent me emails over the past few days with well wishes and congratulations. Many of you have sent stories of your own name change experiences. I am truly touched by the sharing and outpouring of support. Thank you!

While I know this change is feeling strange right now, it will sink in over time. I see how much the process is about embracing the new identity and releasing the constrictions of the previous identity.

Funny how much energy goes into our name. We see ourselves as the picture we have in our mind, and when that changes, a new picture is created. The new picture is like a canvas that we paint in layers. I can see that I have laid down the base color (I like the hot pink) and am deciding what color to use next. It will be a colorful work of art when I am completed.

I'm hoping for a masterpiece... :)



Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Change Happens...

Last month, I spoke about the many transformations that I had underway, and I mentioned there was still another big change coming. Well, I�m finally ready to announce it. I am changing my name.

No longer will I be Jodie Foster, a name that is shared with the actress. I have chosen the new name Jaelin K. Reece. While my reasons for the change are personal, it is connected to the major transformations that have been happening in my life. I have chosen to institute this change now because Wednesday, September 13th is my birthday and I felt it was only fitting to have the birth of a new name at the same time.

Over the next few weeks, you will see the changes reflected in my blog and website. While this is a big change, I know it will feel odd for a while. I ask you to bear with me as I make adjustments. For now, I will be signing my newsletters and email as Jaelin K. Reece (fka Jodie Foster). Fka stands for �formerly known as�.

Pluto, now termed a �dwarf� planet, went direct on Sept 4th. This means that it is now appearing to move forward once again. In its retrograde period, it seemed as if everyone was stagnating in the swamp of their own emotional baggage, trying to keep it hidden under the proverbial rug. Now with the direct motion of this planet, the transformations need to be made visible. The changes we have been working with to create are finally ready to be revealed, such as announcing my name change. It has been in the works for several months, but now is ready to be illuminated.

What major transformations have been happening within you that are ready to be revealed? Maybe you are planning a job change, or a move. Maybe you�ve been meaning to clean out the garage or basement and it�s finally become an insistent need pushing down on you. These are all actions of Pluto in motion.

Pluto by its very nature is about CHANGE. You can choose to ignore the changes needed, or face them with grace and courage. One way or another, the change will happen. Like the butterfly, you can choose to gracefully accept the transformative action and learn how to fly with a new sense of freedom, or you can be stubborn, do it the hard way and experience pain. Pluto�s main intention is to help you get in touch with your SELF. As one astrologer so beautifully put it, �And so many of us fear ourselves and what we don't know or realize/recognize about ourselves--so we entrench, we fight back, we refuse to budge.�

Think about your choices. Lay out all your options and simply take an action. Sometimes all that is required is just the act of taking a step, allowing the rest to fall into place because you have faith.

Sometimes it�s just about a leap of faith...

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Just do it!

Check out the Eight Irresistable Principles of Fun... you're worth it!

Would you take more risk?

... if you knew you wouldn't fail? Fear of failing is one of the underlying causes of procrastination, albeit an unconscious one. offers an article by Deon Du Plessis, creator of A Course of Action, a free e-course designed to empower you to break through your limitation, take action and transform your ideas into reality.

What would you attempt to do if you know you could not fail?
by Deon Du Plessis

"The fear of failure is probably one of the biggest reasons why most people never even start to pursue their dreams. This fear is not always a conscious fear but mostly an unconscious reaction that prevents you from taking the very actions that will lead to the achievement of your goals. What happens is that the majority of people never even start to pursue their dreams as the mountain of success seems too big to climb and the road to success too long to travel. So, they start finding excuses and blame their position on events and circumstances. For them, living an extraordinary life is something that is "given" to other "lucky" people. Even the few who do eventually draw the line and take responsibility for their destiny run into fear along the way. The way you deal with your fear will determine whether you "make it" or not.

The only way to eventually make any change in your life is to take action. Dreaming and hoping won't..." Read the full article

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Phone Intuition?

We've all had that experience of thinking about someone and they ring the phone calling you. Now someone has actually done research on it....

Telephone Telepathy-

Wed Sep 6, 11:36 AM ET

NORWICH (Reuters) - Many people have experienced the phenomenon of receiving a telephone call from someone shortly after thinking about them -- now a scientist says he has proof of what he calls telephone telepathy.

Rupert Sheldrake, whose research is funded by the respected Trinity College, Cambridge, said Tuesday he had conducted experiments that proved that such precognition existed for telephone calls and even e-mails.

Each person in the trials was asked to give researchers names and phone numbers of four relatives or friends. These were then called at random and told to ring the subject who had to identify the caller before answering the phone.

"The hit rate was 45 percent, well above the 25 percent you would have expected," he told the annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. "The odds against this being a chance effect are 1,000 billion to one."

He said he found the same result with people being asked to name one of four people sending them an e-mail before it had landed.

However, his sample was small on both trials -- just 63 people for the controlled telephone experiment and 50 for the email -- and only four subjects were actually filmed in the phone study and five in the email, prompting some skepticism.

Undeterred, Sheldrake -- who believes in the interconnectedness of all minds within a social grouping -- said that he was extending his experiments to see if the phenomenon also worked for mobile phone text messages.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rules for the School of Life

1. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called Life. Each day you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like the lessons or think your assignments are stupid and irrelevant but each one has a purpose that is special for you.

2. An assignment will be repeated until you have learned that lesson. Do you find yourself experiencing the same (unpleasant) event again and again? One of your current learning projects is to discover whatever you need to do so it either stops happening or no longer affects you .

3. New assignments and projects may appear before you are ready, but you will only learn from them when you are ready - If you are not, you will do whatever you need to do to avoid learning - That may be how it has to be for the present. Don�t worry, when you are truly ready they will be presented again.

4. Your assignments will be presented to you in various forms - There are no coincidences. Whatever is going on around you is happening today because it�s part of your lesson for today.

5. Any task that presents you with a difficult question will offer teachers to help you. The best teachers guide you towards a number of choices rather than one �right� answer. They will help you decide for yourself which answers will work best for you in the long run.

6. There are no mistakes, only lessons. - Growing is a process of experimenting, of trial and error. You can discover as much from a �failed� experiment as you can from the experiment that ultimately �works�.

7. Learning lessons does not end. - There is no part of life that does not contain its lessons. Once you have learned one lesson you move on to the next one. If you are still alive, there are still new lessons to be learned.

8. Learning and growing means moving from �here� to �there�. - But once your last �there� has become your new �here�, you will be given another �there� that will again be better than �here�.

9. Others are mirrors of you. - If you love, desire, hate or reject something about another person it reflects something you love, desire, hate or reject about yourself. Learning to see this clearly is one of the greatest lessons of all.

10. The answers to Life�s problems are already inside you. All you need to do is look, listen and trust. You have all the tools and resources you need. What you do with them is up to you. What you make of your life is up to you and how you do it is your choice.

11. You will forget all this, until you realise that learning these rules is also one of your lessons.

~ Original author unknown

When you're ready to slow down...

sit back and relax...

center yourself...

breathe deeply...

then visit these 2 sites...


The Dash Movie

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pluto goes Direct...

Sept 4, 2006 - What does it mean? That the pressure we've been under is going to finally pop open! What a relief...

Eileen Nauman at has laid it out for us.

She says, "On September 4, 2006 transiting (daily motion of a planet) Pluto goes DIRECT. At that time, it will be at 24 degrees of Sagittarius. We are now in the �shadow� period of it going direct and I dare say, rivets are popping loose on people�s lives, right, left and center. Big �aha�s!� are being made. Life-altering decisions are being considered RIGHT NOW. Decisions that WILL change your life will be determined shortly... " Read the full article