Wednesday, August 02, 2006

When it seems you journey alone...

... do you really?

I was asked this question recently:

"Jodie, I was wondering if you might do a post about people who don't really have any families or relations or if they do there is no "love or bond" or caring whatsoever and we are on our own struggling to just survive and live each day without any help or understanding or friends nearby,etc..fear of becoming homeless to deal with this?"

It can be a challenging life path, no doubt. In times of perceived aloneness, it is important to remember that there is a world of spirit that walks with you. Know that your guides and angels are your family and your loved ones as well. You never walk alone. I often think about the poem "Footprints" when someone faces these feelings.

It is also important to work with your root chakra which is the base of our energy body. The root chakra is our connection to the earth and is our foundation in this lifetime. It centers around survival issues and our connection to the Mother. At the same time, look to the crown chakra as the connection to the Above, or Father energy. It is these two chakras that are our support system. I suggest reading the book Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith for helpful information regarding the emotional issues that may reside in each of these chakras.

My sense is also that you have experienced past lifetimes where you were sequestered and kept in isolation. It is therefore difficult for you to reach out and trust that others are worthy of your trust, and actually care about you. I know how hard it can be to reach out, and the internet has made communicating with others somewhat easier, but it is necessary to ask others for help. In this current lifetime it is your time to overcome your distrust.

Speaking with your guides and with others that understand your journey, you will find that you are not alone, or sequestered in this present time. In this life you are free. You are a beautiful soul and have so much to offer. Begin by acknowledging that you are valuable and worthy of not only loving yourself, but of being loved and respected by others. You are no longer a servant, or leper. You are a beautiful, whole being capable of much love and equally as worthy of that love.

Know that you have a home within your body and on this earth. Connect with others and ask for help. Contemplate a move, or maybe a roommate which would help conquer some of the aloneness.

Above all else... trust yourself to make good choices and trust that the universe is helping you and supporting you every step of the way...

My Blessings to you!


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