Monday, July 31, 2006

August 1~ Unresolved issues coming to light

This month begins with Jupiter (10 Scorpio) nearly exactly square the Sun (9 Leo) and square Chiron (7 Aquarius). The Moon joins Jupiter tomorrow (though visually very near Jupiter tonight) forming aspects with both the Sun and Chiron. The Moon is a catalyst to these forming energies especially when we are acting through passionate aliveness and the willingness to live beyond our current edges. Many have felt stretched far past any familiar edges in recent months, facilitating deep inner and outer changes giving us opportunities to expand and grow beyond previously known territory. All unresolved shadow issues will continue surfacing for acknowledgment and loving release. Denial becomes more and more painful to continue as we are being called to release it through acceptance and forgiveness.

from August 2006
Celestial Timings
by Cayelin K. Castell

Shamanic Astrology