Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Reincarnation, soul connections & more...

Do you believe in reincarnation, past lives and soul connections? Have you had experiences remembering a life you lived before?

It's been my personal experience, as well as experiences with hundreds of clients over the years, that we are influenced by our past lives and memories. Some of these memories are powerful and speak to our level of mastery in areas of our life and evolution. Other memories or unconscious feelings can be from traumatic death experiences or soul connections that have been triggered by meeting that soul in this present life.

What past life memories have you realized in your life? Do feel partcularly drawn to an area of the world, do you remember a town you lived in, a job or task that you performed, or a tragedy that keeps entering your dreams?

Please click on the comments link below this post and share your past life memory, or experiences you have had regarding a soul connection. Maybe you think its all mumbo jumbo as her question states below- let me know what you think!

The following is an except from the Intent blog about past life memories. You can click on the link to read the full post.

- from Intent Blog
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Kavita Chhibber - June 25, 2006

Is it all mumbo jumbo?

I had my first encounter with reincarnation when I was 11. My dad was sent for a 2 month military course, along with several other officers from different parts of the country. The course coincided with our summer vacation; the place where it was held was very scenic, so while the dads were away training, the moms and kids, all of similar age groups bonded.

One day I over heard my friend Amrita(name changed) fighting with her younger brother Anuj(name changed) and she said at the end-"Go back to your fruit selling, you fruit seller's son..go push your cart and say-3 tomatoes for a buck." Anuj went crying to his mom. He was about 6 then. The next time Amrita teased her brother, many other kids ganged up on him, along with her until Amrita's mother overheard the commotion and called all of us to her house along with our moms. She said that after her son was born, he remembered his past life as a fruit seller's son and that he had died young after being bitten by a snake. Every one indulged him thinking it to be the creative imagination of a young child, until he started insisting he wanted to see his parents and tell them he was okay, and gave the address. When finally they gave in and went to the address, they did find the fruit seller, and the story of his death was accurate. Many years later when I reconnected with my friend in college, I was told as Anuj grew older his past life memory became hazy and he forgot everything... Read the Full Post

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