Tuesday, February 28, 2006

March Madness...

By M. Kelley Hunter

The New Moon of February 27 opens the door to post-modern March madness. There are many cosmic factors that suggest March is a major turning-point month of 2006. The NEW MOON is at 10 degrees PISCES, closely conjunct URANUS at 11 degrees– Electrically-Charged Change Agent, Awakener, Revolutionary, Higher Mind. Never a dull moment! Much is shifting and changing. As we can see from looking around this planet, much needs to change. The Cosmos agrees. This month is not only revolutionary, it's evolutionary!

Sabian Symbols for 10 and 11 Pisces: THE AVIATOR SAILS ACROSS THE SKY, MASTER OF HIGH REALMS and SEEKERS FOR ILLUMINATION ARE GUIDED INTO THE SANCTUARY Strap yourself into the seatbelts of your higher mind by meditation, contemplation, dreamtime, frequent quiet moments. The wild ride will be safer. This is not an easy month, rather like a roller-coaster. Stephan Rechtshaffen, one of the founders of Omega Institute, tells a great story in his book, Time-Shifting, about a man who did a photographic study of people's responses to the roller coaster, which were basically two: either clutching on with a grimace, or throwing hands up into the air with a wild shout of joy. What will your response be to this month's wild and wacky ride? It's potentially wonder-full with revelatory dreams, mystical inspirations and spiritual poetry—yet it can also be seriously disturbing. The dissolving status quo is further eroded. Take charge of creatively defining your reality. Time to DO.

MARS IN GEMINI SQUARE NEW MOON Mars, planet of ACTION, finally released from its 6-month slow and winding passage through Taurus, is now in Gemini, getting into all sorts of new and different things with quick-silver flexibility and dynamism. It adds a volatility and impatience with its square to this New Moon and, especially, Uranus—exact on the weekend of March 11. Take it easy. This is an accident-prone time. Breathe and blow out the tension that can build up. Technology and communications lines are overloaded and may cross, specially as Mercury is retrograde most of the month. You might be due for a technology upgrade, inner and outer.

MERCURY RETROGRADE SQUARE PLUTO Mercury retrograde!, you might groan, That's all we need! But yes! it is cosmically correct at this time. Mercury gets to 27 Pisces, pauses and turns around the other side of the Sun—all this from our point of view. And that is the point—pause and reconsider YOUR point of view. It may need to change, or is forced to change. See how fast you can catch yourself when you get into negative thinking that pulls your vibration down. Consider the implications before you speak. Not a time for instant decisions. Pisces is not a rational sign, This is an education of our feeling attunement.

PLUTO IN SAGITTARIUS, sign of the Truth-Seeker, the Visionary. As this god of the underworld points its ancient bony finger at the center of the Milky Way, it indicates the path to the heart of creation. I'm a Sag; we tend to look for the positive—a good strategy for this month with Pluto in Sag affecting and infecting the mental perspectives of Mercury as it turns retrograde, indicating an extended period of depth transformation of perspective. Powerful manipulations going on behind the scenes. Potentially theory-transforming discoveries.

INEXPLICABLE COSMIC OUTBURST Such as-- that recent, mysterious cosmic outburst that has scientists awestruck and intensely curious, with telescopes all over the world pointed at it. Not far from our home galaxy, this extended event (33 minutes instead of the usual few seconds) may be announcing a supernova explosion or some unprecedented stellar happening. Astronomers in charge called it, "Totally new, totally unexpected," (like Uranus). Just spotted, this point of light inexplicably outshines the entire galaxy where occurred. Since our Sun picks up energy from interstellar space and radiates it out on solar wind through the whole solar system, we'll get the download, sooner than later since it was rather close. Will it change our ideas about the universe? Mercury will again square Pluto at the end of its retrograde circle. Mercury is retrograde for 3 weeks (until March 25) then swings back around to 27 Pisces on April 13. A lot will have changed by then.

NEXT FULL MOON SQUARE PLUTO The next Full Moon on March 14, a penumbral eclipse in Pisces-Virgo, will be squared by Pluto, a further demonstration of the transformation potential of this month. More on this next time.

BLACK MOON LILITH IN VIRGO OPPOSITE NEW MOON The Black Moon adds an element of mystery; while in Virgo, a spicy dash of earth magic. Earth is responding to the complex electro-magnetic field of the Sun and other space events. So are our bodies. A big clue to getting through this month with grace is to listen to our body-minds, our wise organic temples of spirit, feeling the heightened subtle sensations of the cosmic flow. The Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World, is communing with us through our bodies, and our relationship to the plant and animal worlds.

And more:
VENUS BACK INTO AQUARIUS CONJUNCTS CHIRON--AGAIN Currently the bright Morning Star, Venus went retrograde last December 24 at 2 degrees Aquarius. It goes back into Aquarius on March 5 to finish its long circle on March 6-7, then conjuncts Chiron, the Quantum-Shifter on March 15. Venus conjuncts Chiron every year at some point, but this is remarkable because Venus conjuncted Chiron just as it turned retrograde the last week of 2005. The implications of this cycle of internal values clarification and re-evaluation process will become more clear. The quality and texture of the social fabric is morphing. Who are you hanging out with?

JUPITER STANDS STILL IN SCORPIO Already that's a lot of cosmic input, but I have to mention one more thing—Jupiter. Jupiter is big, and so is its impact. In Scorpio since late October, it has been digging deep. Now it goes retrograde until July. The hole is deep enough for now; we have enough to deal with. Be a psychic martial artist and release negative feelings. Old vendettas work against ourselves. Retaliation leads down a dirty road. Release and rise refreshed, full of positive passion. That's the magic that contains the potential for the wonder-full. This Cosmic News report prepares us for March. The next Full Moon report will continue with March madness—more about Venus and Chiron, spring equinox and the total eclipse on March 29.

Dr. Kelley Hunter is a long-time astrologer and mythologist, writer and artist. She is Astrologer-in-Residence for the Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort in St. John, Virgin Islands, where she also leads star gazing for visitors. She is on the Board of the International Society for Astrological Research. Her articles have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and The International Astrologer, as well as other publications. Her booklet Black Moon Lilith is published by Astro Communications (http://www.astrocom.com). To be on her e-mail list for Cosmic News articles, click on the link below.

For an astrology consultation, email kellhunter@earthlink.net. Explore her website at http://www.heliastar.com. In May, Kelley will be teaching at ISAR's Heaven on Earth Symposium at Castello di Monetgufoni just outside of Florence, Italy. Check it out at: http://www.isarastrology.com.

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