Thursday, March 02, 2006

X, Y's and ZZZZZZs

It seems I've been sleeping on the job lately... hence the zzzz's! I completely spaced it on this weeks Carnival of Healing posted at Phylameana has posted a theme of "Whys" and the "Y's". This week she was asking the BIG questions....

"This week Brendan McPhillips ponders on the BIG question that we all ask ourselves, What is the Meaning of Life? Brendan provides us with four overviews of spiritual growth and understanding.

I just assume that everyone wants to know WHY we are living here on the planet, what the purpose of being born in the first place is, etc. I'm thankful that I don't get caught up in trying to figure out the whys on a daily basis, sometimes I'm just content to BE, and don't get caught up in the question marks..." Read the Full Carnival

Next week Phylameana will once again be hosting the carnival, but it will be hosted at her Spiral Visions Blog.