Saturday, February 18, 2006

Carnival of Healing #30: Body Images

When faced with finding a theme for this week's Carnival of Healing, I thought about a subject that has been very visible in the news and media lately as well as something I have addressed several times here in my blog- the issue of Body Image.

Body image is something that everyone deals with, whether tall, short, fat, thin, or even 'normal' sized. Body image is not really about the body itself- it is about the image you hold in your mind about your body.

I have been an Intuitive Counselor for the past 19 years. In all that time, there are several key themes that emerge in the people I work with. Distorted images about their body, even about being in a body, is usually pretty close to their core nature. After years of family beliefs, societal beliefs and images from the media glaring on the television and in print day after day, you begin to believe it. You begin to question your own beliefs and think that what others are telling you must be true- that you don't meet the "standard".

Unfortunately the 'standard' has been so distorted by the fashion industry looking for flat-chested, cardboard-thin models. What they don't tell you is that fashion began with full sized models, that were voluptuous and sensuous, but then the models became center-stage and the clothes became secondary. Upon realizing this- the industry shifted to models as clothes-hangers, not as 'real women'. The sad reality happened when the clothes-hanger look suddenly became the new standard. From My Body Beautiful blog, is a list of A-Z of Body Image Studies.

Recently Dove body lotion began running ads with real sized models- how fabulous! But, as expected, the industry fought back. They disliked the ads. It's appalling isn't it? And to think how many young girls are fighting these internal battles, struggling to match a standard that isn't even real. Even some of the Hollywood teenage actresses are speaking out about their inner battles with body image and food.

So what do we do?

We create a new standard- one in which we are 'just right just the way we are'. We work to empower ourselves, our perceptions and our relationships with our bodies.

We make fitness a daily part of our routine and our new image. We take back our power from the media and rage on proudly acknowledging our true bodies. And we teach others to do the same by becoming a role model- not a fashion model. Once the majority of population rules, the media has to follow.

Christie Brinkley recently spoke out along with Cheryl Tiegs, ex-fashion models, about '50 becoming the new 30'. They acknowledged that more baby boomers in their 50's, 60's and 70's are hitting the gyms and exploring new ways of exercise and fitness. They are out in force, setting new industry standards, because they are a large percentage of the market now.

Echo Rowing, an innovative leader in recreational and fitness rowing says that over 55% of their market are women in their 40's-70's. These women are taking up rowing as part of their daily fitness routine. What a way to enhance their body image!

Building self esteem, self empowerment and self-confidence are all steps in the right direction. Acknowledging and accepting your uniqueness is the key! We are all 'just right' just the way we are. The sooner the media begins to back that up, the better we all will be.

In fact, Australia is on the right track now- exploring new legislation to govern the fashion industry standards and the images they promote. I recently included this article here.

I would encourage everyone to do their part everyday to accept and validate your self and others for being 'just right' and promoting self empowerment. Find the truth within yourself- not through a magazine or someone else's eyes!


Jodie Foster is an intuitive counselor with over 19 years in the field of metaphysics and intuition. Her work is empowering and success oriented. For more information, visit her website:

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