Thursday, August 17, 2006

Transformation: React, Resist or Respond

Transformation is evolution. We do not control transformation, or instigate it. It comes in its natural cycle, uninterrupted by daily life events. It does however demand our attention. It stirs from deep within our being and has an insistent demeanor that permeates our thoughts, actions and emotions.

How we respond to transformation however, is up to us. We may choose to react, resist or respond. Reacting comes from an instinct propagated by fear. That fear can cause emotional outbursts, frustration, anger and resistance to change.

When transformation or change is taking place, we move from the known to the unknown. When this happens, fear may arise. Even if we are transforming from an uncomfortable place within, however, it was familiar and we knew the boundaries.

When we face the unknown, fear may surge from within causing gripping or grasping actions within the body. Its resistance can lock tight in the muscles and a general feeling of heaviness descends over the body. Joints become stiff and achy, fatigue is extremely noticeable. Its as if the body as come to a halt. You are no longer flowing. The fear has triumphed in that moment. It is the victor and you have become the victim.

Choosing to respond has a different feel and involves action versus stagnation. Taking responsibility for the transformation creates a relationship with the moving, changing energy. You see it, observe it, take it in and embrace it. It is then that you can formulate a response to it. You are opening to work with the flow of the new energies. You didn't hold yourself back, fearing what lies on the other side. You showed courage in the face of the unknown. This makes the transition smooth, unencumbered by the fear. Every day of our existence we are evolving. Choosing to evolve with ease and grace makes the experience more exciting and an enjoyable adventure.
Is it really worth it in the long run to sit and hold on to our fears?

I think not today.
Today I choose the easy path.
Tomorrow I can choose again.
� 2006 Jodie Foster