Friday, August 25, 2006

Significant Changes now til 2012

With all the talk about Pluto these past two weeks, I thought I would point out that Pluto plays a key role in the deep transformation that everyone is experiencing right now.

Astrologer Maya del Mar had written the article, The Road to 2012 , back in April, but decided to rerun it in August because the timing is so fitting.

She talks about the upcoming astrological highlights and the planetary effects we will be experiencing between now and 2012. Because the key players in these astrological transits are the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto (now called a dwarf planet), the affects are universal, meaning they affect society at large.

As many of you know, the year 2012 has been predominent in prophecy and is the time when the Mayan calendar ends. According to Maya,

"The three outer slow-moving planets form the backdrop for these times. These planets are Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. They are the energies which correspond with deep changes in consciousness, and major social change. They are makers of history.

Pluto, for example, has a 250-year orbit, which means it energizes any given degree of the zodiac only once every 250 years. Think of a Pluto cycle starting on any given degree of the 360-degree zodiac. 250 times 360 means that it takes at least 90,000 years to complete Pluto�s cycles through the zodiac. I call Pluto the Lord of Evolution. Birth and death are his realms.

In addition, the combination of the cycles of the three outer planets is always different. We can see that the outer planets take us into new spaces and unknown places.

These outer planets are in a special space right now. Since Pluto entered Sagittarius (the sign of religion) in 1996, all three of the outer planets are traveling through universal signs...."

Read Maya's full article

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