Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Intuition- Tune in or Tune out?

Tune in to your intuition
Posted on Mon, Jul. 24, 2006

Wouldn�t it be great to know what you should do, no matter what the circumstance? In the July issue of Prevention magazine, Sarah Mahoney�s article �Going With Your Gut� offers tips for developing intuition, the ability to know things without immediate logical processing:

Guess: Predict which grocery store checkout line is the fastest or try to figure out what a movie�s about with the sound turned off.

Laugh at your mistakes: Humor stimulates the part of the brain linked to intuition.

Chill out: Calm down with meditation, prayer or yoga.

Ask others: Compare your gut feelings with the judgment of a friend or co-worker.

Limit your logic: Study a problem for a while but not forever. Then let it go and forget about it. An answer may come to you later in the form of a feeling or a dream.

Connie Post, Dayton Daily News