Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blog Peace Prayer

A Stop the War blog protest rally is taking place at Truthseekers blog. My blogging friend Rhi has started this blog protest in response to all that has been happening in the world as of late. The death toll mounts as so many innocents pay the price for the crimes of the few.

Instead of adding another protest here, I will suggest you visit Rhi's blog to add your commentary in protest. What I would like to do here is to create a Blog Peace Prayer. I would ask each of you to please post your comment below, adding your thoughts and prayers of peace to descend over the Middle East. As many gather to send the vibration of peace, the energy that is radiated into that part of the world will begin to grow.

My Blog Peace Prayer:

I call upon the angels and all the love of heaven to guide these souls in bringing peace into their hearts. I ask that the children be safe and protected from the devastation of the crimes, and that their mothers be held in love to nurture and nourish them. I pray for all those who are in the path of harm, that they are lifted into safety and be wrapped with your loving wings.

And for all those souls who decide this fate, I ask that their guiding angels clear their thoughts and open their hearts to see what devastation they deliver. I ask that your love and guiding wisdom bring them to the awareness of peace and the knowledge that war and death is not the answer.

I call upon the Divine Mother to wrap your loving arms around this area of the world, bringing your nurturing warmth and radiance to the Middle East. I pray for resolution and peace, so that all may find home once again.

Blessings and Light... Amen.

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