Thursday, June 15, 2006

Very Intense week beginning...

Astrologick Weekly Forecast Report
June 16-22, 2006
By Gary Paul Glynn

Turbulent Waters Ahead

"Fasten your seatbelts, this week looks like a bumpy ride as a cluster of some of the more volatile alignments gather in the heavens. Most of the action appears centered around this coming weekend with Sun opposing Pluto; Mars conjunct Saturn, Mars square Jupiter and Uranus stationary retrograde. This last item sets a strong undertone of collective uncertainty and instability, providing a setup that can make the other alignments more problematic than might normally be the case. Uranus' reputation for unexpected developments is well known - particularly when it appears to stand still (station) ahead of a directional change. In this case, we're looking at Uranus turning retrograde on Monday, in the middle of Pisces (15 Pisces) which could manifest as sudden revelations involving previous deceptions or something far more explosive when fused with Mars-Saturn.

Prometheus Unbound

Individuals with planets or sensitive points located in mid-Pisces where Uranus is currently stationing are highly susceptible to the uncertainty factor. For instance, people born on or close to March 5 have their Sun located at 14-15 Pisces which suggests sudden changes, abrupt departures or intense revelations involving themselves or people they are closely related to (particularly men, fathers or bosses). This can also manifest in the way of rebellious freedom and doing one's own thing - rules be damned! Yet with Saturn (rules) in the headlines this weekend, the possibility is strong that there will be repercussions for flip-off behaviors. The same more-or-less holds true for individuals with their Sun or planets located in the middle degrees of Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini.

Burning one's bridges is a favorite Uranus-Sun pastime, as is breaking the chains that bind one to the known, familiar and oftentimes dull (Saturn). Considering that Uranus is one of the three outer planets, it tends to work through the unconscious mind - often bringing change in a form that appears to originate outside of ourselves (fate). This can occur with a job or a relationship in which a person feels stifled or profoundly unhappy, yet clings to it out of a feeling of security.

Uranus can often show up by way of the partner doing something (like having an affair) that ends the repressive relationship; or perhaps by getting oneself fired from a dead end job - without ever consciously doing anything to provoke these responses.Uranus is about breaking new ground by way of invention, innovation, excitement, revolution, rebellion, breakdowns, accidents and radical extremes in behavior. If you find yourself getting smacked-down by the unexpected, get up, brush yourself off and go with the flow - Uranus represents the universe granting your unspoken request.

The Big Picture

Chances are good that this coming week will see more than one major shake-up on the world stage as the primary thrust of the current cluster of alignments involving the traditional "malifics" is pointing toward the need for accountability; something we seem to be collectively lacking in a profound way.

This weekend's Mars-Saturn conjunction is a case in point, placing a greater emphasis on taking responsibility for actions or facing the consequence. With the Moon's North Node* crossing the Aries Point** - reaching the most intense location this week - we might see something new emerge with regard to the use of force. Whether this involves a resistance to violence, frustration or explosive release is hard to say, but considering the symbolism of Saturn is restriction and containment while Mars is about outwardly directed energy and fire, you can see where the notion of explosive force comes from. In addition, Mars-Saturn will move opposite Chiron even as Jupiter moves into a square alignment to Mars-Saturn later in the week, placing even more stress on this volatile combination via a tense, T-Square configuration.

Speaking of Jupiter square Saturn, this alignment becomes exact on June 22, marking the second of three such alignments between these planets due to retrograde. Of all the alignments, the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle is the one most closely associated with social, political, religious and financial changes. The current cycle opened in Spring/Summer 2000 when Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct one another (what the ancients called "The Great Conjunction"). This was back when George W. Bush became a major player in the run-up to the 2000 election as well as the market crash that wiped-out trillions of dollars in tech stocks, just to name two of the more memorable events.

The current square alignment between Jupiter and Saturn is what astrologers call a "separating square" in that Jupiter (the faster moving of the two) forms a 90-degree aspect away from Saturn, testing the structures that came into being in 2000. Such tests tend to point to the strength of existing boundaries in the face of expansive growth as well as hard reality vs. unfounded optimism. The first of the current series of Jupiter-Saturn squares occurred back in December, at the same time that the Bush administration first denied, then defended the secret NSA wiretaps on Americans. Between now and the final Jupiter-Saturn square in October, we'll see where all of this is going. Hopefully, corrections will be made now as the next major phase of this cycle will take place when Jupiter moves opposite Saturn in 2010-2011 - a time when any unfinished business we're faced with now reaches culmination.

Summer Solstice

Amid all of this troubling news, we see the temperatures rising steadily as we head toward Midsummer. The Sun reaches its furthest point north of the celestial equator (Tropic of Cancer) even as it enters the tropical zodiac sign of Cancer on Wednesday, June 21 at 8:26 a.m. Although the Summer Solstice is seen as the beginning of Summer, it is actually the midpoint; and from here, the days will begin to gradually grow shorter in length. The blaze of Midsummer gives birth to a tiny seed of Winter's darkness which will grow over the course of the next six months. And so the wheel of light and darkness turns . . ."

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