Friday, June 16, 2006

Are you worthy?

Do you have difficulty owning your true self worth?

Is it difficult for you to stand up tall within yourself and really feel good about yourself?

Do you have an undercurrent that runs within you that tells you you're not good enough? or that you don't meet the standard? or that something is wrong with you?

Many people carry this inner belief that permeates through their entire being and tainting every thing they do, see, touch, or create. It is like a corrupted computer software program that eats away at your computer as a virus. Low self worth, or believing that you have no worth can be as debilitating to your system as a computer virus on your hard drive. It is a false program that you believed as true.

When you give power to a false idea or belief, it is similar to the power that propaganda has. False beliefs feed on your true sense of power within, corrupting your energy and mindset, until you surrender to its message- the message that you aren't good enough to be worthy.

Usually when you think back and really take a good look at yourself, you can't find anything that you did that was so bad to cause you to be unworthy. And whose invisible standard are you measuring yourself against to say that you aren't good enough?

When we compare ourselves to others, or to implied standards, we are creating the harshes judge within ourselves and choosing to give him all might power over us. Does this sound like the best thing to you? Not to me.

Working to build your self worth means uncovering your true spirit within and to stop comparing yourself to others. Owning your true self worth means owning your power. It means claiming that you not only have a right to exist, but that you are worthy of it!

Marianne Williamson's book- A Woman's Worth is an excellent read for owning your true worth.

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