Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Finding my Green Thumb..

The rain that we have been flooded with for the past two weeks seems to have finally subsided and the sun has been out since Sunday. So, first thing Sunday morning I was out in my back yard digging out an area for a new flower bed. It felt so nice to be out in the sun and getting my hands in the earth. It was the grounding that I needed after so much water for so many days.

I planted lavender, yarrow, snapdragons, coreopsis, columbine , rosemary, peppermint, chives, lamb's ear, onions, impatiens, and morning glory seeds. I haven't planted for the past two years and it feels good to get back to the earth in this way. I'm setting up an office on my back deck for the summer, so I will have beautiful flowers to look at while I work.

Usually I do just a few pots on the deck. Getting into the ground to do a bed is something new for me. The last time I remember working directly in the ground is many years ago when I still lived at home and helped my Mom with her gardens. She is in a new house this summer and is starting to plant some new flower beds herself. I know she planted rhododendrons and clematis this weekend and has plans for a new patio deck. She loves feeding the birds and she has several large feeders set up in her yard.

I have two feeders on my deck and have been watching the chickadees and goldfinches.

I realize that I am working to create more than just a garden or an outside office space for the summer. I am creating an atmosphere. Finding my green thumb is only the beginning. I can't wait to see what else I discover...

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