Saturday, May 27, 2006

Carnival of Healing #43: New Moon Manifesting

Today is the New Moon in Gemini, and because new moon cycles are always the start of a bountiful two week cycle, I thought it was a good focus for this week’s Carnival of Healing.

Healing takes many forms, and in each form it begins with harnessing your inner power. Working consciously with cycles of timing and abundance we can enhance our healing process, bringing new and exciting aspects to life.

The moon has always been a source of life and fertility for civilization throughout history. As the moon is a source of feminine energies, it is associated with fertility, birth, abundance and new life. Each month as the moon cycles into it’s NEW MOON phase, we have a two week period of new life, fertility and abundance, while the FULL MOON cycle is the waning time that brings endings, transformation and completions. Working with the moon cycles we have the opportunity to enhance these particular energies in our lives during the respective cycles. Christopher at Intuitive Living offers wonderful insight into working with the new moon and full moon timing.

Knowing when the cycles are happening, you can take steps to enhance them. For instance, about a year ago I was introduced to a process of writing abundance checks on the new moon.

How to write your new moon abundance check:

Within 24 hours of the new moon taking place, write a check to your self, signed by “The Law of Abundance”. In the area where you usually write the $ figure numerically, write “PAID IN FULL”. On the line where you write out the $ figure in words, also write “PAID IN FULL”. Do not put on a date on the check.

Now, having written the check, put it someplace that has special meaning to you, i.e. and altar, keepsake box, etc. I usually keep mine in a small glass pyramid case that opens and I keep it in the prosperity section (feng shui) of my home. Pyramid shape is known to amplify energies. I definitely want to amplify the abundance.

Letters from New England and Lunatic Ravings from the Summit offer their experiences of writing abundance checks. They also remind us that abundance comes in many forms, not always as money. This is a powerful truth that has shown itself to me over and over since I began this practice. I have been blessed by abundance in all forms. The one thing that I have the deepest awareness of entering my life abundantly is harmony.

Harmony is that sense of peace that comes from deep within, reminding you of the blankey you had when you were little. That sense of everything being right with the world when you had your blanket is powerful.

Manifesting harmony or manifesting money may be nice, but what about manifest a mate? Phylameana offers 9 steps for manifesting your ideal mate.

“…7. Dedicate your "manifest list" with an affirmation or prayer asking for it to be fulfilled with the aid of the universe.

8. Allow it to cook and simmer. The universe has now received your request and it is left to you to trust that everything will work out perfectly. ..”

Prosperity Happens writes about 22 steps to prosperity that have been really working in her life. She’s realized healing in her life as she works through the steps, allowing her to receive, but also to acknowledge all the bounty she has.

According to Inspirational Daily there are Three Gratifying Ways to Add Abundance to Your Life. This article by Catherine Franz, focuses on 4 areas of energy reserves in your self: peace, joy, happiness and love.

What brings you peace, joy, happiness and love? At Bunny Pie, Debbie shares her love of food and cooking. I enjoy visiting her blog and checking out the great recipes she shares.

Well, there’s a variety of abundance, huh? From manifesting money, to an ideal mate, to peace, harmony and love, even yummy food, there are so many abundances in our lives to be grateful for. With the new moon upon us today, what are you grateful for? Think about it and write a list of gratitudes.

So what does this new moon hold?

According to astrologer Stephanie Austin, "The next New Moon forms on Friday, May 26th at 10:26 PM PDT. At 6ยบ Gemini, this New Moon shifts our attention towards gathering information and making new connections. What are we ready to see? What do we need to say? Gemini, the first air sign, deals with cognition and communication. With the Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Gemini, the cosmic spotlight is also on paying close attention to how our thoughts create reality. What we are thinking, we are broadcasting....Use this New Moon to clarify and empower your intentions. Make a list of what you wish to bring in and strengthen in your life. Keep your antennae out and observe your mind closely. What we think matters as much as what we say and do."

I think gardening is my path for abundance this month. I'm making a new connection with Mother Earth. It’s going to be a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend here in Maine. Time for more planting…

In the meantime, remember all those you love, especially those who have passed on. Maybe a trip to the cemetery to do a bit of planting would be a good use of the new moon energies this weekend.

I’m off to the garden…


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