Saturday, April 22, 2006

Carnival of Healing #38: Regeneration of Body, Spirit & Planet

Welcome to the 38th edition of the Carnival of Healing!

I believe there is no coincidence that today is also Earth Day. Not long after I had settled on the theme of replenishing the feminine and self-healing, I spotted the blog entry on by Phylameana stating that April 22nd is Earth Day. I thought, "How fitting! It's all tied together."

How does one replenish, or better yet, regenerate their body, their spirit and most of all the planet? This was the question that I held within me as I searched for blog posts to include within today's carnival. Replenishing is the act of filling that which is empty, and regeneration is the act of starting from scratch, likened to a rebirth.

Regeneration brings to mind one of my favorite tv series, Doctor Who. In the mythology of Doctor Who, Time Lords such as the Doctor are able to change their form, thereby regenerating, in the event of serious injury or extreme old age. See Doctor (Doctor Who) and Time Lord. I have to say I look forward to Friday night and my hour with the Doctor on SciFi. We all replenish in different ways.

Forever a Square Peg uses the term 'reinvigorate' as she talks about finally taking a weekend to replenish herself. In our hectic lifestyles we take little time or attention to our inner needs, such as the simplicity of quiet time. Replenishing, or filling our inner well can come from taking the time to nourish our soul by listening deeply in a state of silence. Meditation is a wonderful tool. Also, accomplishing all the little things that have been on your to-do list for too long.

Looking at my last few weeks in need of replenishment, I found myself turning to knitting. It is something that soothes me and fills my soul. I've been creating knitted socks that I absolutely love. Knitting with a Poodle speaks of replenishing in terms of having a backstock of yarn to fill her knitting addition. In fact her entry about replenishing has photos of socks that look like the pattern I'm using. Zeneedle says knitting socks is good for the soul. Sounds like replenishment of the spirit to me!

Let's not forget Earth Day in the midst of my yarn digression...

Let's start by learning the art of hugging a tree. My favorite is the "Full Body Tree Hug: Sit upon the ground wrapping your legs around the base of the tree and at the same time embracing it with your arms."

Join Earth Day Networks Climate Change Campaign. Earth Day 2006 will launch a sustained, three-year campaign to educate consumers, corporations and governments worldwide on the urgent need to take concrete steps on climate change now, before its too late. Our Goal For Earth Day 2006, 10,000 Climate Change Events Worldwide. Envirolink is a complete guide to Earth Day events all around the world.

Replenishing the feminine, be it our inner feminine, our feminine body, or the feminine of Mother Earth, is a necessity. As women, we work to meet others needs, selflessly caring and nourishing those around us. Even the Earth Mother cares and nourishes all the life that she sustains on and within her body. She gives water and nourishment and the home within which regeneration is possible.

As we cycle through the seasons, we bear witness to her immense ability to regenerate and transform over and over again, tirelessly giving of herself to provide a living, breathing eden for us all. Unfortunately so many ignore her needs in return. This Earth Day, I ask that we all think about her need for regeneration and replenishment. That may need to begin with holding the respect for her that she deserves. Celebrate this Earth Day, but please remember to celebrate her all year long.

Next week the Carnival of Healing journeys to Spiral Visions. Last week's carnival was hosted at Other Lights.

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