Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kick it up a Notch in '06

The New Year is here and what are you going to do with it? Are you going to just let it slide by and say it's no different that 2005? "Oh it's just another day..." is your comment? Well that's unfortunate, because a new year signals new energy and a change in focus.

I'm not talking about new year resolutions- I'm talking about the energy of tranformation and transition- the act of birthing into something new. Any closure brings us to the brink of something new- new circumstances, new energy, new relationships, new players and a new container. The numerology of the year has transitioned from 2005 = 7 to 2006 = 8. The vibration of a #8 year is different than the energy of the #7. For a good look at the #8 energy of the new year- visit Native Paths Numerology blog.

The new year also signals the beginning of new thoughts in our mind set. THe holidays are over and the winter looms before us. For those in the Northern hemisphere, it is a time of taking action to organize, renew and refresh. Is it any wonder why all the department store sales flyers start having sales on organizing bins, totes, etc in January? It's because we start to feel the inner drive to clean house, organize ourselves and prepare for the brand new.

This new year is one of business, finances, karma and wealth. It's time to invest in yourself and move out into the world to deliver your 'goods' or 'service' to others. It's time to get the 'show on the road' as they say... We been collectively preparing for several years- now its finally time to make it happen. Roll up your sleeves, dig in your heels and push forward.

Happy 2006! Here's to a good and productive year!

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