Sunday, October 09, 2005

" When do you choose the middle of the road? "

In my work with clients, I often see people in extremes.

Sometimes those extremes are emotions, sometimes situations, even physical imbalances. Commonly the difficulty involves a fear of going to the opposite extreme. For example, if someone is 'giving all their power away' and being a doormat for others, they may have an extreme fear of holding their power thinking they will be 'out of control' and mad with power. Often this results in hestitation or emotional paralysis. "Do I take the step or not?," they ask themselves.

The key here is to allow the pendulum to swing from the extreme where it's held, knowing it will arc into the opposite extreme, but only for a few short visits while it is eventually coming back to rest in the middle- the 'middle of the road'.

Walking the middle path also means not going to extremes in our emotional responses, our physical bodies, or our hearts. Embracing compassion and remaining balanced is powerful and something to strive towards attaining.

Something I remember reading is that growing your money is easier when you don't go to extremes in your emotional responses to it. That means not going down into worry, but also not launching into excitement when it flows well. Keeping to the middle of the road with your emotions keeps the system in balance and the money flowing....

What are your thoughts?