Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Help for the Sleep Deprived...

I've been having problems with sleeping for the past year or so. Finally I had a session with Medical Intuitive, Christopher Stewart and he recommended 5-HTP for me, along with some other changes in my routine and support for my hormones. What a difference it has made! I would recommend having a session with him if you are having difficulties, not just sleep-related, but any form of health issues. He's very accurate and supportive. It was one of the best things I have done for myself! I have been working with him ever since.

You can contact Christopher Stewart thru his website: or by email: . You'll be glad you did!

I also came across a great article about sleep deprivation on MSN Health & Fitness...

The Rewards of Shut-Eye

"Fact: A midday nap reverses information overload—those feelings of irritation and frustration and declining performance on mental tasks that set in during intense encounters with new information.
Fact: The late stage of sleep—sometimes missed by early risers—can boost by 20 percent your acquisition of coordination ... " Read Full Article.

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