Thursday, October 27, 2005

Do you live true to yourself?

This is a subject that has been coming up with several clients recently- living true to themselves.

So many people live according to expectations, obligations and family patterns that their 'true self' is covered over, bypassed and long forgotten. Why is that? In some part it comes from the root chakra- tribe mentality. This old pattern was based in survival and that thousands of years ago, the only way to survive was to live as a tribe, depending on each other and caring for the entire group. As we have collectively evolved and can easily survive & thrive on our own, we have the need to step out of the root/tribe influence that is stored in our unconscious, and move into a higher vibration where 'self' becomes a singular identity- not one of the herd.

When we remain in the tribe/herd frame of mind, we 'follow the pack', live according to what path was laid before us and follow the expectations placed upon us by society and family. This can lead to extreme frustration, suppression, depression, alcoholism and many other forms of addiction. We we don't meet the silent, unspoken demands that our inner self dictates, then we feel an internal build up of pressure- leading to illness, anxiety, mental distress and breakdown and even disease.

Being true to yourself can look like many things. It can mean taking off one day a week to go sit at the beach and write, going for a jog every morning, spending time meditating, shutting off the phone ringer when you get home from work and even taking a cat nap after work. It can also mean quitting your job, changing your career or leaving a relationship that no longer serves you or meets your needs. It is different for each person.

Think about your needs... are they being met? Do you listen to your true self?

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