Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's like walking in Jello lately...

What to do when the world seems to be moving slowly? That is the $20,000 question this week.

Have you noticed that the world has been in slow motion these past 2 weeks? Yes, there was a Mercury retrograde happening, but it didn’t seem to move any faster once Mercury went direct. What’s that about?

Sometimes there are larger energy forces at work in the Universe. Energy is always cycling and with it, we also cycle. When the Universe is in ‘slow motion’ then we have a tendency to be in slow motion as well.

Lately there is a great change underway and many have commented on it with me in sessions, and in personal circles. This great change, whether it was instigated by Saturn’s shift into the sign of Leo, combined with all the outer planets, plus Mercury all retrograde simultaneously, is a doosy. There is an undercurrent of energy stimulating us to go deep within.

The results of that energy, or I should say, ‘the symptoms’ of that energy are: feeling extremely tired for no apparent reason, feeling ‘heavy’ or ‘stalled’, feeling slightly depressed, can’t seem to ‘get out of your own way’, unusual dreams, waking up more tired than when you went to sleep, etc.

These are all symptoms of extreme energy shifting. My saying to everyone this week is: “This too shall pass.” I suggest that you simply give in to the energy and to the fatigue. Get some extra rest, be lazy, drink lots of water, don’t push yourself too hard, do other things to have fun, take your mind off your issues, and above all, know that this is NOT personal.

When the energy shift has completed its cycle, things will ‘let go’ and suddenly start moving at a very fast pace once again. Think about the image of a top spinning very rapidly in a clock wise direction. Then, suddenly is slows down, comes to a complete stop and begins to slowly start turning in a counter clockwise direction. Think about how long it took for it to slow itself in one direction and then slow completely to turn and go in the opposite direction. This is what we’ve been doing on a much larger scale for the past several days.

It is not a personal issue, but a planetary one. The feminine energy, Gaia or Mother Earth, has been undergoing many changes, and this is part of her change. Look around you and recognize that there have been ‘feminine’ energies in chaos and transition over the past several weeks. This change has been building, and we seem to be in the midst of it right now. Giving your self permission to move slowly for the next few days is important. Do not pressure yourself or ‘guilt’ yourself for not moving fast enough. It shall pass.

So, be gentle with your self, get extra rest and know that things will be moving very rapidly in a few days….

Many Blessings of good energy & high spirits,


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