Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Just Released: " Experiencing Intuition: Harnessing the Power of Your Inner Guidance System" eGuide & Workbook

Experiencing Intuition:
Harnessing the Power of Your Inner Guidance System
An Innovative & Interactive eGuide
by Jodie Foster
“Why is intuition such an important gift that each of us possess? It’s like our inner guidance system or a GPS. We didn’t exactly come into this life with a set of operating instructions, but we do have an inner road map. Each time we have a ‘feeling’, or what I call a ‘knowing,’ it’s a signal that you are on the right road and headed in the right direction.
You are not alone in wanting validation or confirmation that you are on the ‘right track’ when it comes to making decisions. We all look for validation at some level. Our intuition is our inner guidance system designed specifically for this need.”

Would you like to actively pursue

Developing your Intuition?

In Experiencing Intuition, Jodie delivers the

10 KEYS to Developing your Intuition!

Learn various techniques for sorting through the mental chatter, recognizing an intuition when it happens and why gratitude is such an important part of developing your intuition.

I have captured the best of my insights, tools and techniques into this introductory intuition workbook that will leave you wanting more. Intuition is an inherent trait within us all. I have brought my guidance, insight, years of experience and training together to unfold a delightful journey to your own inner world of insight and intuition. It is my wish that you spend time reading, breathing, absorbing this information and then actively pursuing the transformation.

It's available now as an eBook

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Many Blessings & Wishes for Inspired Intuitions,

Jodie Foster

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