Monday, April 11, 2005

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Just a few days ago I sent out a special notice announcing my Experiencing Intuition eGuide & Workbook. Since then, I have had the most interesting conversations with people! Someone wanted to know if you had to be brand new at 'this Intuition thing'? Another asked if it would help her remember her shopping list when she gets to the grocery store. Still another asked if it would help her sex life with her husband! You know what my answer was to all those questions? NO.

No, you don't have to be brand new at using your intuition. No you won't get a memory booster, although your mind will be less cluttered and you would probably remember more easily. And no, you won't necessarily have a better sex life just from reading the book- maybe after you practice several of the exercises you'd have a deeper connection with your partner, and who knows what that could lead to!

Who Experiencing Intuition is helpful for:
for ANYONE who needs to clear their inner thoughts & slow down
for ANYONE whose mind runs a 100 miles an hour with mental chatter
for ANYONE who's been working with intuition & spiritual practice for years
for ANYONE who leads a busy life
for ANYONE who wants to have a connection with their spirit guides
for ANYONE who gets caught in other's dramas
for ANYONE who needs a reminder about what is important (themselves)
for ANYONE who feels lost in their life and wants to have purpose
for ANYONE who is challenged in their daily life, career, relationship
for ANYONE who is questioning what direction to go in
for ANYONE who feels stuck
for ANYONE who has worked with their intuition to some extent & wants to expand
I found it interesting that several of the people who previewed this workbook while it was in the editing stages felt that they learned a lot. These were other practitioners and people who have been working with their intuition for years. It provided a good reminder and an excellent tool.

One thing that has truly stood out over the past several days has been the realization that most people have the same difficulty- their minds are constantly running on one subject or another. It's called rumination. It's when your mind goes over and over the same subject again and again. Maybe it's the a 'to-do list' or a project for work, a paper you need to write, an exercise for homework that I've given, etc. It doesn't really matter what your mind is running over about. It's simply the fact that it is running with no where to go.

Do you remember that childhood prank where you make a crank phone call and say, " Is your refrigerator running? Well you better go catch it!" ? It's kind of the same thing. Your mind is running like the refrigerator runs- constantly keeping things cold until you need them. Unfortunately our intuition speaks very softly and in order to hear it, you must turn down the volume of everything that's running. Imagine trying to hear someone whisper to you when the radio is cranked up playing Led Zeppelin! It's not that simple.

It's usually our daily life that is cranked up that loud and it's hard to hear what is underneath. Our intuition works in the silence between thoughts. But if there is never any in-between spaces, what are you ever hearing?

Why do clients always wait to call me for help until they are in crisis? It's because they keep running in their lives, thinking they are actually in control of what is happening. It takes a long time and a courageous person to admit that they have reached a point when it's time to ask for help. It's funny, to this day I still will catch myself having to get a reminder in order to stop and listen to myself. I work very diligently to assist others, to listen to them and for them, that I get caught up in that cycle of mental chatter too. It is a challenge. That's why when someone asked if this is only for beginners I said no. It's for everyone, because we all need to be reminded and we can never stop learning.

Are all your intuitive messages getting through to your conscious mind loud and clear??

Think about it.

Have you been listening lately?

Do you remember how? Do you need to learn how? Do you need a refresher?

Maybe you need Experiencing Intuition, and learn how to harness the power of your inner guidance system. We all have an inner directional system, but knowing how to listen and when to listen takes training. Think about it....

Well, I hope you enjoy this issue of the newsletter. There's two wonderful articles and a link to my blog to read a variety of other articles I have posted throughout the month. Take time to look...

There is a solar eclipse & new moon on Friday, April 8th:
"This New Moon is a Solar Eclipse, which tends to place the lunar needs to feel, remember and protect above the solar drives of will and ego. Look back before pushing forward now, and follow your own instincts, rather than someone else's plan. Expansive Jupiter and contracting Saturn aspecting the New Moon produce a push-pull effect, building the foundation for major changes that only arrive after a long period of gestation. Powerful Pluto's harmonious trine to the lunation helps focus intention and eliminates habits that distract us from pursuing our deepest desires."
(** from New Moon Report )
Mercury also goes direct on April 12th! Thank goodness! I'm sure tired of Mercury retrograde this time around.

Let's see, what else??

I think that's enough for now. I am including an article about working with your Spirit. If anyone would like to comment and share their thoughts, please email me with your input. I will be adding a new page to my website about working with Spirit in our daily lives.

Well, enough for my ramblings. Remember to check out the eGuide/Workbook Experiencing Intuition: Harnessing the Power of Your Inner Guidance System.

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Experiencing Intuition:
Harnessing the Power of your Inner Guidance System
An Innovative & Interactive eGuide
by Jodie Foster

“Why is intuition such an important gift that each of us possess? It’s like our inner guidance system or a GPS. We didn’t exactly come into this life with a set of operating instructions, but we do have an inner road map. Each time we have a ‘feeling’, or what I call a ‘knowing,’ it’s a signal that you are on the right road and headed in the right direction.

You are not alone in wanting validation or confirmation that you are on the ‘right track’ when it comes to making decisions. We all look for validation at some level. Our intuition is our inner guidance system designed specifically for this need.”
Learn various techniques for sorting through the mental chatter, recognizing an intuition when it happens and why gratitude is such an important part of developing your intuition.
I have captured the best of my insights, tools and techniques into this introductory intuition workbook that will leave you wanting more. Intuition is an inherent trait within us all. I have brought my guidance, insight, years of experience and training together to unfold a delightful journey to your own inner world of insight and intuition. It is my wish that you spend time reading, breathing, absorbing this information and then actively pursuing the transformation.
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ARTICLE: Bringing Your Spirit into Your Daily Life
by Jodie Foster

Opening the door to your Spirit can be as simple as feeling excitement pulsing through your body or receiving a smile from someone you gave a hug to. Spirit works in many mysterious ways. Think about times in your life when you have felt another presence with you, or when you experienced synchronicity. How did you feel during that time? Did you notice an undercurrent of energy flowing through you? That's your Spirit!

As we are collectively evolving to higher levels of energy awareness and sensitivity, we are reaching upwards to our crown chakra. This higher activity is a direct connection to our Higher Self. This opens our inner door to the relationship of our Higher Self with Spirit/ The Above.

Many people will experience headaches or tired eyes during these opening stages. Energetically you are opening and expanding your crown chakra, but that additional energy surge may be felt physically. More rest during this time is good. No, it doesn't mean your eyesight is bad, or you have an ailment! It can simply be energy shifting. ( Of course, if symptoms persist, get checked!)

Once open more fully, you begin to experience Spirit flowing through you in a new way. Standing still and being like a cement building in the way isn't going to help any! You need to become as fluid as Spirit is. Notice how a river flows. It bends and move around anything in its way. It doesn't stop to figure out what is in the path, it just adjusts its course. Bringing Spirit into your daily life means learning how to make minor course adjustments all day long. Be fluid in your motion... go with the flow... . be one with your Spirit!

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**** I will be adding a new page to my website about Spirit and it's actions in everyday life. Please feel free to email me stories about your experience with Spirit. How do you notice it moving through your daily life?
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