Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Welcome to Intuitive Innovations!

Welcome to Intuitive Innovations ~ the blog for Illuminations.

I'm Jodie Foster, intuitive counselor, coach, innovator and more. You can visit my websites at: or for the in's and out's of intuition and what it is I do.

This blog site will be the new home for Illuminations Network Newsletter postings. Each month I regularly send an email newsletter to all my subscribers. Each month the newsletters seem to get longer and takes a while to post. With a new newsletter format via this blog, Intuitive Innovations, I can post articles, news clips, astrological information, and more on a regular basis.

I invite you to post your comments as well. I would love for this blog to become a hub of activity where each of you can speak out and share things that are happening in your intuitive lives.

This can also be a place where you can see what is happening in other people's lives so that you know you are not alone. So often I receive comments from clients that think they are the only one feeling a certain feeling, or having a particular reaction to something energetic. They are surprised to find out that they are not alone. There are many sensitive people in this world and they have a similar way of approaching and dealing with the energetic influences we are continuously faced with, i.e. solar flares, heavy astrological transits, severe weather pressure, etc.

I open this blog as a way to unite everyone who subscribes to the Illuminations newsletter to come together and share with others. It's my way of stepping out of old routine!

Many Blessings,