Thursday, October 12, 2006

Something smells fishy....

Weekly Forecast Report
October 13-19, 2006
By Gary Paul Glynn

Fishy Business

Despite daily headlines raising alarms over real and imaginary threats, this coming week appears to be the proverbial calm before the storm. Paging through my notes, we're entering into the last full week of astrological calm that we're likely to see until December. With Sun,Venus and Mars moving toward the end of Libra, this is also a good time to solidify partnerships and to make peace before these three planets plunge into the dark waters of Scorpio next week.

A standout alignment this weekend involves Mercury square Neptune -often the sign of a forked tongue. Deceptions, confusions, misinformation, disappearances, tamperings, straw men, shell games and red herrings. With Mercury also in Scorpio, there is a higher probability of conspiracies and manipulations as well. More innocently, Mercury-Neptune can often coincide with confusion, misunderstandings, blind faith, oversights and omissions - especially when it comes to words and ideas. Not a good time to sign contracts or place orders; nor is it a good time to believe everything your hear.

What gives this rather common Mercury-Neptune high priority has to do with the fact that this will be the first of three such squares between these planets due to Mercury retrograde making repeat alignments to stationary Neptune. This often suggests an on-going story that doesn't find completion until all three alignments take place. The story begins this weekend but then finds greatest expression when it repeats itself November 7-8, during the midterm elections. Can you say, voting irregularities? Not only will Mercury retrograde be squaring Neptune, but Mercury will also perform a rare transit of the Sun (where Mercury moves across the Sun's face) on November 8. Closure isn't reached until the end of November when the third and final Mercury-Neptune square takes place.

Watch to see if any news, announcements or proclamations with a fishy scent find their way into general circulation. Such items could be aset-up for a bigger deception when Americans turn out at the polls next month.

Mercury Retrograde Alert

As mentioned above, Mercury will be making its third and final retrograde of 2006 in a couple of weeks. The planet of information is now gradually slowing its speed ahead of stationing retrograde on October 28 in late Scorpio (25Sco04). It will remain retrograde until November 17, messing with our best laid plans and casual assumptions while giving us a chance to take a look inward.

With roughly two weeks remaining before the planet of communication and transportation throws it into reverse, this is a good time to cover yourself. Once we get past this weekend's blind spot (Mercury-Neptune), it would be good to deal with unfinished business under the Moon's Last Quarter Phase. Mailings, editing, bookings, car repairs, orders, real estate closings, contract signings and other finalizations are encouraged between now and the New Moon on October 22. The week following the New Moon leading up to Mercury retro would be the time to put new projects and plans into first gear - just don't expect things to move quickly or easily while Mercury is retrograde.

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