Friday, October 20, 2006

It's getting thick around here...

** Looks like we're in for an interesting week....

Astrologick Weekly Forecast Report
October 20-26, 2006
By Gary Paul Glynn

The Thickening

This weekend's Libra New Moon marks the beginning of our collective journey through the thickest concentration of astrological activity we've seen so far this year. A new cycle based on cooperation and a healthy appreciation of ambiguity commences along with loud reports and perhaps an overwhelming urge to DO SOMETHING. Mercury is radioactive right now, forming contacts with planets it will repeat again after it turns retrograde on Oct. 28, coinciding with feelings of déjà vu through mid-November.

The New Moon opens on Sunday, Oct. 22 at 1:14 a.m. at the very end ofLibra (28Lib40), but it opens on an aggressive note as the New Moon falls right on top of Mars, even as the warrior planet struggles to reach his home territory in Scorpio. To say that issues pertaining to war and peace are emphasized at this time is probably an understatement. Something large is set into motion in the days surrounding the New Moon that will reverberate through the end of November.

On Tuesday, we'll have a rare cluster of planetary bodies in Scorpio:the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter - six of 'em. A whole lotta Scorpio intensity in the air with passionate displays and more drama than we really need to see. Even more ominously, we see Pluto intersecting the Moon's nodal axis, sticking the finger of fate into the eye of the storm on Wednesday. On the same day, Jupiter squares Saturnfor the third and final time, often an indicator of wrenching social change and collective impasses.

This is also the last full week before Mercury stations retrograde,making this an ideal time to take care of Mercury-related business by way of placing orders by phone or Internet, signing or mailing important documents, booking reservations or getting cars repaired. Likewise when it comes to buying computers and other communications equipment or software. Even so, Mercury is bumping heads with the likes of Saturn andJupiter this week, recommending a patient, yet persistent approach overa quick and dirty one. Mercury turns retrograde on October 28 and remains that way until November 17.

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