Sunday, August 06, 2006

The pink bra says it all....

Today someone asked me what my favorite color was. I had to stop and think about it for a moment. I guess I don't have one particular color I gravitate to. I like magenta and deep blues, but greens are nice and I look good in a deep coral color. My youngest brother has always been very clear on his choice of green and my Dad thinks everything in the world should be blue. Of course, he's color blind and blue is really the only color he can make out- so I suppose it's only normal that it would be his favorite color.

I used to rent the bottom floor apartment of an old farmhouse. It had layers of wallpaper on the walls that was dated back into the fifties. As we peeled the layers we could see how the styles had changed. When I finaly got to the wall, after much repair and priming, I finally painted. I made it my own with light green walls in the living room, a nice violet shade in the halls and a beautiful blue in the kitchen. In my healing room I used reds, oranges and yellows sponged into a treatment on the walls that looked like fire. It was wonderful! It seemed that the moment I was finally finished painting all the rooms just the way I wanted them, the house was turned over to a new owner and I moved.

I often think about that house and reflect on my painted rooms. I kinda miss them... It's like this great photo of the pink bra hanging in the breeze. Dare to be bold. Dare to wear what color feels right to you!

I found an interesting article on The Psychology of Color by David Johnson. While it doesn't follow chakra color associations, it is an interesting view of why we might be drawn to particular colors. Color also affects our emotions.